3D possible with Wedi?

jenelJune 7, 2008

Hi, all! I just got my first piece of Wedi board, and i'm very excited to try it out. My town, Georgetown, is the Poppy Capital of Texas, and every year we hold a Red Poppy Festival. I'd like to try creating a mosaic to enter into next year's poster contest, just for fun. (It helps me to have a specific goal to work towards.) I'll do the whole thing with stained glass. I thought it might be neat to cut the shapes of the poppies out of the Wedi and then mastic those shapes to another layer of Wedi. That would put the "pop" into "poppies." LOL For those of you more experienced with Wedi, what pitfalls do you see? Do you think the end result will be stable enough, or do you think the pieces might fall off in the future?


Jenel Looney

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I can't see a problem Jenel. You could easily fill and smooth the edges with thinset to make a seamless conversion from one layer to the next...

Please do share your work in progress with us, it sounds fabulous

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I have no idea, but it sounds like it would work.
I can't wait to see some pics.
I get to Georgetown every now and again, maybe I will see your "poster" next year!

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I would love to start a project with Wedi but still have many other things to finish before that.

I love all those poppies by Southwestern, we lived in Whitetail - Georgtown for many years . Should take this to the conversation side.

My HD was by our old house this past year and he said he couldn't believe how much it is getting built up..

I love the idea of a double wedi poppy!! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Please post pix of WIP

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Thanks, everyone! I will definitely post pictures. It'll be a while, though, I think. I need to let the idea percolate a bit before I dive in. Can't let it go too long. I don't even know when they have the poster contest. LOL I'm very eager to get started, though.

For those of you who have been to Georgetown... Yes, it is a wonderful town, and it's growing like crazy. The population is right around 50,000 these days, and they're predicting 100,000 within 10 years or so.

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Here is a pic of backerboard(cementboard) that I made into stands, and did it with fiberglass mesh and mortar, it should work fine for wediboard I would think. Keep us posted!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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