I got Married last weekend!!!!!

SnapdragonMay 23, 2004

Yes! It was wonderful!!! I can't tell you how happy I am! No major problems...unless you count the groom's tux sleeves coming untacked (his mom pinned them up with the safety pins in my 'emergency pack' that she was carrying- thanks to all of your who mentioned the necessities for that pack!) and I had the elastic on one slipper stretch out as we got to the reception but ...taaaaa da.... I had a spare pair with us! LOL

Everyone had a good time and the food was fantastic at the reception...sigh...and my beloved husband made a surprise dedication to me...had me in tears but I wouldn't trade the moments for anything. See, I'd debated the whole 'change my name thing' because it will be time consuming and there'll be lots of paperwork to do but I never really thought I'd do anything else but take his name. When I told him that I was definitely doing that and even made it 'official' on the license...he was so touched he planned this: He took the mic from the DJ and told me how much it meant to him and then dedicated a song to me...darned if my very tired brain (just got back from the honeymoon today.. hehe) can recall the artist, but the song is "my last name" and it's a very touching one about how the singer's name is all he has to offer but it's a good and honest one and he'd never shame it..etc... well, it had me in tears... was sooooo sweet!

Anyway... I'm going to get some pictures up at some point, I promise!

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It sounds like you had a wonderful time. How touching of your husband to make such a lovely dedication.
I also debated about the whole name thing. We went last week to get our license, and where it asks what your name will be, i automatically filled in his last name, it just flowed right out of the pen. So, I guess I was destined to take his name.
Tell us, if you could change one thing, what would it be? Did all of the stress of planning pay off?
I can't wait until those church doors open, and I see my sweety at the end of the aisle waiting on me. I just know I am going to cry!

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Congratulations! It sounds wonderful. Every happiness to you both.

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> but the song is "my last name" and it's a very touching one about how the singer's name is all he has to offer but it's a good and honest one and he'd never shame it..etc... well, it had me in tears... was sooooo sweet!>

It's by Dierks Bentley. His song always makes me teary eyed.That is so sweet ! : )

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CONGRATS!!! Sounds like you all had a wonderful wedding...and no problems!!??!! WOW!! I am so ready!! I love that song..."My last name". Well...congrats and good luck!! Springbride04

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Penny, the planning is worth it! I took that extra pair of shoes and we had safety pins and bandaids and we NEEDED them! We didn't use the chalk or the tape etc but if we had needed them, we would have had them there which is half the battle for 'emergencies'!

If I had it to do over....hmmm, well one thing I cannot stress enough is DOUBLE and TRIPLE check with all your vendors a few weeks ahead of the date and the week before! My florist was wonderful but she made a few minor (thankfully!) mistakes like forgetting to take out one boutenier I had to cancel when we rearranged the wedding party after my husbands friends couldn't come out to be in the wedding but the tux thing (shop suddenly said they couldn't get what he needed a week before the wedding!)could have been a nightmare if Jim, (my DH)hadn't found another place that could fit him in less than a week!

So keep checking those vendors and pack an emergency kit!

Yes, jenny, that's the one! Made me cry halfway through and after I'd just got dried up from my husband's announcement to me....but I loved it! It was the sweetest thing...sigh...

Thanks gellchom and Springbride! Yes, it was pretty much without a hitch! LOL, I even got to the church ON TIME despite our not being ready at the house when the photographer arrived! Even the video a friend set up (he was also a groomsman so couldn't hand shoot the whole thing) came out really nicely!

To all of you here who've been posting- Thanks so much for your help and advice and especially the support when things were rough, I really appreciate it and can't thank you enough! This is one fantastic wedding site and it has a lot of truly caring and wonderful people!

I've added a link to a set of pictures my husband did up quickly today. We'll try for some better wedding shots later, but this is a good mix for now!

Here is a link that might be useful: Some of my wedding/honeymoon pics!

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Oh, I forgot to mention that my honey labeled it 'Mr and Mrs Nacht'...it's a nickname he uses online- this is a public page and he didn't want to use our names on it.

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I LOVE when people come back and tell us about their weddings! What worked, what didn't, what unexpected thing happened, what touched you the most. This is excellent feed back and I hope more brides will do it.

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CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you and your hubby :)

Thank you for sharing your experiences as well as the pictures. You two are a beautiful match!

Best Wishes for a Wonderful, Long Life Together!

-DuckyHead :-)

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Scarlett, I'd seen a few others do it and thought it was a good idea too! I love seeing other people's pics and hearing how things went!

Thank you DuckyHead! We couldn't be happier....and a bit giddy still, but definitely happy that we had our special day and are now married!

Oh, Penny! One thing I did forget...there IS ONE THING we wish we'd done differently. We used cheap but 'pretty' cameras on the tables for the reception....ugh.. we got maybe 1 good pic for every 6 or 7 lousy ones and really wish we'd used better quality cameras/film! So that is one thing I highly recommend!

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