I got married!

froggy05May 17, 2005

My wedding was on April 30th in San Carlos CA, and it was beautiful. Everything went as planned until a week before when my DJ and my priest both canceled on me. Instead of flipping out and submitting to utter depression i decided not to care, because I was getting married in a week and I didn't care...

I found another DJ, pure luck I must say, to do the reception in teh last minute. I highly reccomend this DJ service if you planning a wedding in the Bay Area. Its called "A Classy Affaire". They were very professional about the situation and my DJ was awesome!

The priest had a family emergency in Ireland, how could I be upset with him for that, he had to go oversees to be with his sick mother. We had another priest do the wedding.

So even with the mishaps, my wedding went smoothly, everything worked out and was wonderful. And now I am very happily married and waiting for my pictures...

Thank you all for all your advice and support, I'll be back here on this site, visiting and such...

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Congratulations, froggy! Every happiness to you and your lucky husband. You are off to a great start, with your wonderful attitude. Those are BIG cancellations -- and look, everything was fine anyway.

We can't wait for the pictures!

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I knew that was gonna happen--you getting married, I mean.

As for the problems, well, I always say, the bigger the disaster, the better the stories. And you'll be telling those stories for the rest of your life.

Friends of mine can brag that at THEIR wedding, someone dropped the cake! Unfort., not on the dance floor; that would have made a GREAT story, and in those "can you top this?" dinner-party conversations, they would have WON! (and so would I, bcs I'd be telling about THEIR wedding)

I'm sorry yours went so well! ;-)

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Congratulations! And great job keeping things in perspective!

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congrats and i hope that i'm that level headed a week before my wedding....*deep breaths*

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