Missing Bridesmaid turns up!....

froggy05May 6, 2004

She FINALLY emailed me. She was out of town for her brother's graduation and then on vacation with friends and was not checking messages....i'm not questioning why but i'm glad she turned up. Her mom sent me the money for the dress so all is well.

Thank you all for all your support and advice!


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That's good news, Froggy! Sounds like things will work out okay after all.

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Good news! I believe my first post was "Perhaps she's gone out of town."

I know we all assume the worst of people and their intentions -- it takes a lot of work to do otherwise -- but maybe giving someone the benefit of the doubt is what we should do instead.

Andrea :o)

PS... that was not a lecture.

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Thank you Splinter, I realize it was judgemental of me to get so upset, but I was getting really worried after all it is my wedding that was about to get messed up. Anywyas, I appreciate all your advice and help. Its so nice to have thischat board...

Froggy :)

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Don't get me wrong, froggy... I think you handled the situation admirably. You have every right to worry! My comment was directed more toward everyone who told you to drop that BM like a hot potato.

Good luck with the dresses and planning!

Andrea :o)

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And she couldn't have TOLD you she was going out of town? With dress deadlines, etc. Or her mother couldn't have let you know? Inconsiderate in the extreme...

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or maybe just overwhelmed and scattered.

It's all the "in the extreme" tone that bothers me. You've never forgotten anything?

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Not when my friend's wedding plans involve my cooperation.. .and I don't go "out of town" without my cell phone and I don't sign off IM right away when my friend logs on. (She was out of town and incommunicado, but IM-ing, uh-huh.) Sorry, but I just don't buy her "out of town " story. But if Froggy is happy and accepts it, fine with me. Let's just hope this BM behaves herself for the rest of the operation.

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...and was her Mother so unsure of her decision that she couldn't fork over for the dress when she realized the importance of the deadline? I can't believe in this day and age a gal would be incommunicado...what about emergencies? Even her Mother couldn't get thru? Personally, I'd keep a close eye on this gal and her promises from now on...seems less than a devoted friend and totally irresponsible. I'm happy for Froggy, however, and truly hoping it's smooth sailing from here on!

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Isn't the wedding not even happening for over a year?? I hardly think that any normal person would plan their vacations around being easily accessible to someone whose wedding they were going to be in a year from now! She should have been in communication earlier because of the deadline, but it happens, people forget. She's probably wondering why the dresses have to be ordered so early, anyway.

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The dresses had to be ordered early becasue they chose a color and style that is this spring's special...it wasn't my doing. And yes it is a bit suspicious, but iltimately things worked out...oh and BTW, it doesn't matterhow far away the wedding is, its all about communication...
Don't make it sound like that just because my wedding is far away I am doing things out of the "acceptable" time range, I've said it many times and i will say it again, I AM MOVING OUT OF STATE IN TWO!!! MONTHS, that is why the wedding plans and dress orders are now.
Besides by the time the dresses come in and everyone gets them it would be right on the time they'd need to have them anyway...so esentially its a good thing I ordered them so far in advance.

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"All's well that ends well" and best wishes for a very lovely wedding and a long and happy marriage, Froggy!

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Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you! I DON'T think you did anything wrong. I just was pointing out that people don't always keep other people's weddings at the top of their minds and she probably shouldn't be thought of as "inconsiderate in the extreme" or "totally irresponsible" for being unreachable for a week or two.

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