Noise from Pella Prolines - window or installation?

madreiguanaJanuary 12, 2010

Hi -

We recently had several Pella windows installed. The architect series casements are fairly sound-proof. The pro-line double-hungs, which face the same direction, seem to allow much more noise. There is a high-pitched hum in the room where they are located which is absent from the room with the casements. It always sounds in that room as though the windows aren't quite closed, even when they are locked.

Any suggestions as to cause? Is it the windows, or the installation (I dread pulling them apart, as I just finished doing the interior stain work myself, while in denial about the annoying noise level...)

Thanks for your ideas.

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Casements are always going to be significantly more airtight than the equivalent series double hung. Some Double Hungs are much more airtight than others and Pella is not at the top of that list.

I would check the capping (if any) around the whistling windows as well as the weatherstripping and sash tracks.

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agreed sounds to me like the weatherstrip is not sealing the units somewhere, whether the units are not square, or the weatherstrip is missing or crushed. Those are some of the first things to look for

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