Please - Need suggestions for plywood table edge.

ladyamityJune 23, 2009


I am usually at the Home Decor Forum here at GW but when I learned there was a mosaic forum I figured it best to come here to the pros to get some advice.

I had been looking for 2 years for an affordable pub-style table to fit between two bar-height stools I had found at a yard sale (I don't buy new if I can help it preferring to reuse and re-purpose).

I had recovered the seats to the stools and there they've sat for over 2 years without a table high enough to put between them.....the stools being taller than the normal bar-height stools.

Last week, in the middle of the night I jolted awake with what I thought was a pretty brilliant idea and now I'm stuck.

I took my Grandmother's Floor lamp that I had in storage, waiting for that perfect lamp shade that didn't cost me my first-born son, and cut off the socket and harp section.

What was left was the perfect, heavy, brass base for a pub table.

A $2 flange to secure some left-over thick plywood, cut round, thanks to my hubby and plenty of broken plates and I've got the beginnings of a terrific pub-style table, right?

Wrong...... I'm already stumped and I haven't even started!

I'm not a total beginner to mosaic.

I've added broken china, jewelry, flat-back marbles to terracotta pots, a hose post, clear glass plates etc.

In fact, I've been laying my own tile in our bathrooms, entryway and kitchen for years so I'm familiar with grouting, haze, adhesives, etc.

But this little plywood tabletop has me stumped!

With all the other things I've ever added mosaic to, I've always had an edge, a lip, a baseboard.....something for the stones and tiles to go up against.

What in the world do I add to the side edge of this little pub table?

I know whatever it is, it has to be a bit taller than the top edge to accommodate the tiles and thin-set but for the life of me I can't think of a thing.

I thought about putting the mosaic on the edge but cutting almost perfect rectangle pieces to go around the edge of the plywood....ugh...... and actually, I'd rather have a bit of contrast with a different medium (for lack of a better word) along the edge.

I thought of water heater strapping and hubby said it would look ugly with the holes....anyone would be able to tell it was strapping.

I do a lot of decorative painting/faux finishes so I thought if I painted the strapping to look like ORB or brass like the table, no problemo, right?

Guess not. *sigh*

Hubby finally talked me out of the strapping but now I'm stuck.

Even if it's not the 'norm' for using along the edge of a mosaic table top, Any ideas, any suggestions would be welcome and so appreciated!

Thank you so much for reading.

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Not sure how thick your plywood is but vitreous glass (venetian glass) makes a good edge that is free of sharp edges. I just did a headboard and it is edged with it. It comes in all colors so you can color coordinate w/ your china. And it cuts like butter if it's needs nipped. Just an idea.......

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Found a stopping place in grouting, so thought I'd check in at nearly lunch time. AMITY: I LOVED reading how you bolted outta bed w/an idea - sounds like me. And, I L.O.V.E. what you came up with. What a terrific idea. Along w/CATHY's very GOOD idea of using the vitreous tiles, I've seen on a site way back couple yrs. ago, someone used a band of copper around a table. It would give it real mixed media interest. You could use brass also, or any kind of easily cut metal. Oh, this is gonna be fun to watch. The whole time I was reading about your waiting to find that little talbe, I'm thinking MAKE YOUR OWN. Then read further, and found you did just that. PERFECT. LOVE IT!!!!!

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how about the copper or brass strip like slow suggested with the upholstery tacs that are decorative and come in a strip to hold it in place. you just nail it in. you can even patina it to turn it black. if you use the vitreous tiles on the wood and its gonna be outside, even if you use thinset and seal the wood really really good, the tiles might pop off

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OHMYGOODNESS - I didn't register that this w/be an outside table. If I were making an outside table, I'd use backerboard instead of plywood. It comes in different thicknesses. Wood w/deteriorate.

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Yes, No wood! It will eventually swell and pop off your hard work. The copper strip idea is a good one, it looks very nice and you can make a "lip"if you like. Vitreous is also a great idea.

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Last summer I made a small side table for my porch. Because of advice from the brilliant ladies here I used cement board for my base. I too had the edge dilemma. I bought some wood veneer strip stuff from Lowes or HD which I glued to the edge and painted black to match the table base. It worked for me, but this table is not in an area of constant use. I would have liked to use metal if people were going to sit at the table, put elbows on etc. Love what you are doing so far. Keep us posted.

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There is no way to seal wood enough to prevent the movement it gives with moisture - even just humity changes will pop tesserae eventually.

so here's my advice FWIW, router out the center of this and set in a piece of cement board, lower than the wood so that THAT becomes your rim.

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Oh my goodness....You all are soooo encouraging, helpful and really want me to succeed...I love it!

OK, we have the backer board left from our DIY shower re-do.
I finally found the copper strip....almost fell over from sticker shock....but I'll keep looking for a less-expensive seller and I'll also look at the glass and the veneer banding.
I'll have to wait until Saturday for hubby to cut the backer board to replace the plywood but that's ok, I've got plenty to keep me busy today and tomorrow.

I finally got some "me" time late last night to check in here but instead of reading my own post, I ended up reading all your posts.....all the way back to page 11 ! LOL
The creativity on this board...OMG, I am in total jaw-dropping AWE!''

I would have been here two days ago but my darling daughter called me from work.
"Mom, the DM no longer wants to hassle with the little garden set-up and he's about ready to dump ALL the you want them? They are all almost dead as nobody here knows how to take care of them properly but maybe you can save a few of them?"

Well, judging from the posts I read here last night, some of you will understand how I could Not turn down free plants! The fact that someone was throwing away semi-live plants was to me, almost sinful. :)
Daughter brought the plants home.......6 of those black lattice-type crates, full of geraniums, ivy geraniums, impatiens (both sun and shade varieties) double impatiens, some herbs (chive, mint, basil), a couple 6-packs of tomato plants (cherry), two 6-packs of blue alyssum and even a couple jalapeno plants! LOL

The last couple days I've been knee-deep in fresh potting mix, sand, peat, pots, cutting back, transplanting......
It looks like all the geraniums (both types) will make it and it also looks like the impatiens will come back. I'll baby the rest and see what happens.
Pics of plants, before daughter's car was completely unloaded.

Back to mosaics!
After reading here for hours last night, I could feel the caring, the encouragement, the genuine concern you regulars have for each other AND for anyone that comes here for the first time with a questions. I could tell through your words that you WANT newbies to mosaic/stained glass to succeed. Simply Amazing...all of you!

I also gathered from reading past posts that there is a lot of DIY going on with many of you.
That's been the story of my life for over 30 years of marriage........
Raising 5 kids, there was just never enough funds to have things done so we'd head to the library, learn what we could, then do it ourselves.
Never are our DIY projects professional-looking, but they are passable, safe, we've saved a ton of $$$ and we usually get least on our creativity. LOL
Our home, when we purchased it in 1981, was the drug house of the neighborhood and had been on the market for almost two years.
With the exception of the new roof and enlarging and moving the electrical box to the other side of the house, everything else has been done by us.....a real Laurel and Hardy experience each and every time. LOL

Since it looks like I'm going to be hanging around this forum for awhile (I have an old, round, iron bistro table I want to tile and I'm sure I'll be needing lots of help from all of you) I thought I give you a link to my Trash to Treasures album....give you an idea who I am, what I do and how I'd rather reuse and re-purpose than buy it new (what can I say...I got used to being cheap and old habits are hard to break lol).

I so look forward to getting to know you all better and again, Thank you all so much for your responses to my question and making me feel so welcomed!

Here is a link that might be useful: Trash to Treasure - Around the house

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Glad you like us here. In looking at your slideshow, I think I need to go lie down - made me tired seeing all the work y'all have been doing, but it surely has paid off. Looks great. I noticed your fake rocks. Please tell me where you bought the molds for those. I might be making myself and my DD a fountain, and w/love to make the rocks to cover them. W/appreciate any info you offer on making these rocks - sizes - did you use any reenforcement, etc?

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