Looking for reviews/experiences with SUN windows from Kentucky

kelhuckJanuary 16, 2012

Hi folks! I'm at the stage of researching windows for our new build. (SIPS, radiant heat, good windows, etc) The "green" movement is slow to catch on in my little neck of the Midwest, but I saw in the paper an advertisement for a real estate Open House for an ICF house. Out of curiosity, we went to it and I saw the the person who built it used Sun Windows. I put my hands on the windows, and didn't feel any coldness at all, so I was very impressed. (It was about 30 degrees F outside.) A quick Google search says they are a family owned company in Kentucky, which is close to me! Just wondered if anyone had any experiences with them- good or bad.

Looks like they only offer Aluminum exterior (it's supposedly very thick) with a wood interior for new construction. I also don't see a triple pane option, but maybe that's buried somewhere that I'm not seeing? What do you think of these values for the standard double hung window?

This is one of the entry level offerings: (U-->SHGC -->VLT)

Double Strength Glass, Grilles Between the Glass




And this is one of their "upgraded" options:

Double Strength Glass, Dual Low-E, Grilles Between the Glass




Both are double glazed with 1/2" spacer.

I'm extremely overwhelmed by the window thing at this point, so I just wanted some opinions. Thanks!!

(Posted this over on GBT, as well.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Sun's website

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Small town window companies are hard to follow.

The numbers by themselves seem about right for Grids and LowE coatings, I'd almost assume Cardinal glass with those numbers.

I'd ask for references of past customers if they have any that you can talk too and then I'd compare them to Marvin windows if your interested in wood windows.

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I am a Sun Window dealer in Austin, Texas. After a decade of selling Pella windows I made the switch to Sun due to their extruded aluminum frames and sashes (Pella and many clad wood manufacturers have thin roll formed aluminum clad sashes which dent easily in hail storms) and their powder coat exterior which has a 20 year warranty (most clad windows Pella included have a 10 year warranty to their baked on paint finishes). We have many happy customers with Sun windows here in Austin. If you are in Kentucky you can purchase directly from the factory sales team and they would be happy to show you around and give you an in depth look at their process which are very advanced for a company of their size. Also, there are many glass options including triple glazing. I hope this helps.

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Hello all, just ran across this. We have a 109 year old Victorian farmhouse we are renovating and I MUST get some windows ordered - just a few for the moment. I spoke to a window guy here - was calling about Quaker and Marvin and he wants to show me Sun. Just looked up Sun and looks promising. Kenhuck, what did you end up going with?

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This post is almost three years old. I'm sure the OP is loooong gone.

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