EastSideMegApril 22, 2004

anyone have any ideas for a novel inscription on a wedding band?


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When my DS & DDIL got married, DS found these -- and many more -- on a website...I'm sorry, I don't have the URL. I'm not crazy about some of them, but there are lots of cute ones, I think -- some are funny, some are sentimental:

I would run away w/you!
I found love, & love was you
You're the answer to my everything
Let's grow old together
The beginning of forever
Give me a thousand kisses (hers)
And then a thousand more (his)
A perfect fit
You are my sunshine
I look at you, and I sigh now that I have you...
Worth the wait
Until my forever ends...
One sunset at a time
Honey, I called dibs
A deal's a deal
I found love, and love was you
She who has my heart in her domain
It's me and you honey bunch
Oh the places we'll go!
Don't even think about it...
You are SO mine
You're still the One!
You're the answer to my prayers
I'll always love you 8-11-01 to forever
United as one
Better than ice cream
From this moment on 7-14-01
You have my heart
My love, my life, my friend
My soulmate
Someone to watch over me
Today, tomorrow, forever
Together as one Faith, hope & love
My one true love
Today, tomorrow, always
Eternally yours
I am my beloved's My beloved is mine
I choose you
Happy now? Good.
Ruth 1:16-17
For IÂd found love (his)
And love was you. (hers)
Forever, Amen
Race you to the shower
Not for pawning
Put me back on!
To love honor & cherish always
Forever together
(resistance was futile)
You fill up my senses
My love, my life, my friend
I canÂt wait to make love to you
Love, Friendship & Happiness
My cup runneth over
My Glorious Wife
You are the reason
Now and forever
I will love you my whole life
1997-2002, I'd still choose you
It's been you all the time
Mine, all mine!
Today I married my friend
When the moon hits your eye...
Love is friendship set on fire
My dream came true...
My love, my wife My one and only
A deal's a deal
Uncountable Blessings
I knew from the moment I met you...
I love you period
The toys are LEGALLY mine!
A lifetime is all that I need...
The way you look tonight
God and Us All my Love
June 4, 2002 - Our life Begins
By the Grace of God
Our love is fate
Have you lost it yet?
Wrapped around you forever
My fated soulmate
My first, My Only
My life began with you
Trust Love

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My second cousin is singing "From This Moment On", during the lighting of the unity candles, so I am thinking of using, From this moment on, June 12, 2004

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My fiance and I just had each others names and our wedding date engraved inside ours.

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I just had the date in mine, 7/4/1982. It is such a narrow little band that after all these years of wear it now says 1/4/1982!

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I used "they are all reasons to me" on his. It's a song lyric from one of our favorite bands. Mine isn't inscribed - I had his inscribed as a suprise for his wedding gift (best $7.50 I ever spent).

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I also surprised DH with an inscription. It says "All my love all my life" and the date. At the reception, right before we cut the cake, I told him to take off his wedding band and look inside. When he read what I had written he got these big tears in his eyes. He was so beautiful to me then!

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awwww. that's really sweet, Kaye!

our inscriptions are going to say:
"the rest of my tomorrows" (mine)
"belong to you" (his)

that's the first sentence in the first letter he wrote to me after he proposed to me. I thought it would be really sweet and meaningful!

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My fiance and I have a running joke about him being the "king", and I being a "lady in waiting" (7yrs now LOL), so I'm going to come up with something to do with royalty and my new status as "queen" to engrave in his ring as a suprise. :-)

Is there anything personal between the two of you that you could use as an inscription - inside joke or personal "secret"?

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Before the wedding, DH and I joked that we wouldn't say the marriage was permanent, but we'd give it 50 years (at the 50 year mark, he'll be 100 and I'll be 96).

He had my wedding band inscribed "Good for 50 years."

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Ours have "Pinky Swear 06.22.02" because we have this silly little (read: cute) pinky swear thing that we do when we really mean something. I say find something that is meaningful to you and your DH.

Andrea :o)

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When my husband & I were dating we both had pagers. We used to page each other during the day with 143 (I love you) 3334224 (you are the love of my life) 3322538 (you are in my heart and thoughts) We've got the numbers on our bands, the engraver had no clue what it meant- lol

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We used "143" a lot too, Roselvr!

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My band was inscribed "given with love" was a suprise for me.

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My band is inscribed "Tiffany & Co. PT959;" must be some arcane sentiment code I have yet to figure out.

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This may be a dumb question, but where do you take your wedding bands to get them engraved? Does the jewelery store do it? Also, some of you have listed rather long inscriptions. Does all that really fit on a band without difficulty?

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Take your rings to the jewelry store. They send them out to an engraver. The engraving can get pretty small but it helps if you have fat fingers. :o)

Andrea :o)

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thats funny

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Pinky swear...that's so cute! Love it!

Hehe, I have nothing to add - just had to comment on the pinky swear.


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