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basu76January 31, 2013

We decided recently that we wanted to replace windows. It started with , we have to replace patio doors and then went on to windows. We moved from Chicago, but our current home in Marietta,GA feels lot colder than the one we have in Chicago, at the same indoor temperature. So figured we blame the huge, oversized windows and patio doors. The current ones we have are made by peachtree doors, and are mostly sliding, and was installed I think in 1986.

After reading some of the forums here, I decided to get quotes for Sunrise, SOft-lite, and a couple other vendors my realtor suggested.

We have a total of 18 oversized windows (if they did DH, they said they will have to put 2 windows for most of them, as they are more than 48 inches in length). 2 patio doors.

For Slocomb windows + Alside patio doors I got a quote of about 11500$

When I showed the Slocomb product that I was promised to other vendors, they said a U of .22 seems like a scam.

For Vytex-Georgetown I have got a quote of about 11700$ - offerred upgrade of 3 E coating, and a U of .26

I am in the process of getting quotes for Sunrise and Soft-lite, will update the forum as I get all of them by Monday.

Any thoughts on what might be better product. Also if you have previously used a vendor in Marietta/Atlanta area and have found them to be good, please do not hesitate to suggest

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I can't say that I know much about the Slocumb product, but it is pretty easy to tell if the quoted ratings are a "scam" or not. Simply get the CDP # of the window and plug it in at, which lists the total unit u-values in their Certified Product Directory.
Sunrise and Softlite are very good choices that I think you will like.

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It's not a scam, it is a Ufactor of .22 with a big HOWEVER..
They are using a Hard Coat LowE coating on the most inner pane which is never a good idea. Why? It causes the Condensation Resistance number ( CR ) to go down alot. in fact, ask the salesman to show you what the CR number is. it should be AT LEAST 57 on double pane glass no lower.
Hard coat lowE can also scratch, it can collect dust, and you can and will probably get a glare. These are some of the reasons why many companies refuse to use it.
Best bet is triple pane glass if you want a very low Ufactor.

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Thanks folks. I had posted this in reply to another forum, but I am sure the audience is different. Please bear with me, if you read this on another one.

i started this process about 3 days back, I am still a little dicey.
I am kind of zeroing on Sunrise or Soflite.

Here are my window dimensions, 4 windows are tempered glass, either because they are near bath tub or are too near to the ground.
1 - 22 x 48
1 - 36 x 48
4 - 48 x 48
3 - 60 x 60
2 - 36 x 70
1 - 96 x 47
1 - 60 x 45
1 - 32 x 79
1 - 36 x 60
2 - 60 x 60
1 - 6 ft patio, 1 - 9 ft patio

I got 14300$ [11175$ for windows and 3500$ for patio] , for Sunrise (Ultra Plus 12)

Softlite Elements for (13,500$ for windows) and about 4K for Patio. Softlite Bainbridge windows for about 10,500 (I didn't really like the looks that much).

Any thoughts?

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Any body know who deals with Okna/HiMark in Atlanta area?

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Windows on Washington

Nobody that far down there just yet.

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The Slocomb 477 is a solid offering, the Slcocomb 177 is pretty solid as well.

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