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johnk2891January 19, 2010

If you want customer service after the sale for there defective windows stay away from these replacement windows. This is only part two of my saga. At least they did replace them once but they also filmed up in between the glass panes. Still waiting for them to replace the defective glass.

I had called and spoke to Jim, he said he would give a note to Steve in the service department to check the status of the replacements for the failed glass. One week later I have not received a call back.

Here is a recap since the email below was sent.

7/22/09 - I called and spoke to Brad again said he will give Steve the message again.

7/23/09 - Steve called said they would order window and it would be a four week backlog

7/29/09 - I called 7/29/09 spoke to Becky and she arranged to have Steve the install manager come out to inspect the windows for the filming.

8/02/09 - Steve was out and agreed the windows had filmed up on the inside of the glass. He agreed that three of the four should be replaced. He said it would be at least one month possibly longer.

9/16/09 - Wellington call the house and hung up, Anita called them back and was told they did not know who called us. Anita had said as long as I have you on the phone what is the status of the replacements. They apologized for calling, and said they are making the replacements.

10/13/09 - Brad called said they have two replacements ready, I questioned him as to the other replacements.

10/14/09 - Set up appointment to install the two and I questioned about only two and he said Brandon would check the others when he came out to install the replacements.

10/29/09 - Brendon came out with unable to install what he brought out. He remeasured two three glass windows but not the one in the bath that Steve had agreed needed to be replaced.

01/12/10 - I had called and spoke to Jim, he said he would give a note to Steve in the service department to check the status of the replacements for the failed glass.

01/19/10 - Still waiting for return telephone call or now even email.

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Subject: No Response to call placed on 7/14/09 about film forming on Wellington windows

I spoke to Brad Nelson on 7/14/09 about film forming between the replacement windows that were replaced in 2007, after these took nearly a one year to get resolved. Brad had informed me that he would have Steve the Install Manager call me to set up an appointment to come out and inspect the windows so we would not be billed a $65.00 service call. This was Brad's suggestion after pulling our file. Brad told me this may take up to a couple of days but he would try to have him call me that afternoon (7/14/09). As of the time of this email I have not received any type of communication. As stated above the first time had taken nearly a year to resolve, in that instance I first called on 4/18/06 and the issue was finally resolved on 3/22/07. My cell number is 651-xx-xxxx which is the best number to call or our home number is still 651-xxx-xxxx either one will receive messages if not answered.

Thanks, and hope to here from someone soon John Kingsbury.

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