flagtruckJune 22, 2010

Here are a few pieces of my attempt to make my own totems from ceramic and found objects. I am way behind in getting these together and they need a lot of work. I had too many boxes of components to store so upright they will go. LOL The original inspiration pieces are shown next to it. No comparison to mine I'm afraid.In the totem album on my flickr are pics of the components as I made them from ceramic. I am still finishing the leaves and components I am making from crete.

Here is a link that might be useful: totems

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Fabulous! Love the blues. Thanks for the pics. Please keep 'em coming.

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Oh Flagtruck... I LOVE those!!! You have done a beautiful job. I wish I knew how to do ceramics (although the LAST thing I need is another "obsession":) I'm working on a hypertufa totem right now but REALLY like all the beautiful colors you have incorporated!! Just wonderful!

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fldirt are AWESOME!! I love the totem. Thanks so much for sharing & giving us ideas!

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Those are awesome !!! I love them.

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BEAUTIFUL, FLAG. Was wondering when you were gonna put those together. You did a fabulous job. I've been weeding/ mulching every morning for two weeks - believe me - I'll hire this job done in the future. Think I can finish up today and get back to mosaics.

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I L.O.V.E. Totems!!! AND I REALLY like Tall ones like these!!! Go Big or Go Home!lol! I'm like a chicken with my head cut off these days and my Art Room looks like a tornado hit it!Off to visit Little Cindy, Klinger today!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!

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Thanks to all of you. I am glad you like them. I now have rebar stuck in the ground all over my beds awaiting the next additions when I get them grouted. I must make some more marbles tho. I have thought about looking at WalMart for some bright kids balls and punch holes in them and skewer them too, maybe nerf balls? I will keep on thinking about what else to use. I have some pringles cans painted and awaiting holes in top and bottom for rebar...Slow, I just ran out of storage space and had to stack some of these pieces vertically. I set up my drill press with my glass cutting bits and drill the cups now, what a backsaver. LOL

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Oh! Sounds like a great way to do your drilling! Darn, I got rid of my drill press...will have to scrounge another one!

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