flower arrangements for weddings from home

butterflysApril 2, 2004


I am interested in starting a floral design business from home. I have taken floral design classes. If anyone's knows anything about this I would gladly appreciate

Thank you.

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The first thing you will want to do is check with your city clerk's office and find out the requirements about having a home-based business in your community. If you plan to have customers coming to your home, you may have to comply with certain regulations. Then, you need to do your market research to find out if there is a market for your business in your area. You will need to invest several thousand dollars for coolers, tables, advertising, etc. so you want to be sure that there is a market before you spend the money. If you do decide to open a business, you will want to spend a great deal of time networking with merchants in companion businesses who can send clients your way, such as caterers, wedding coordinators, bakers, and others.

Good luck.

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Entrepreneur (Gosh, did I spell that right?) Magazine offers "kits" that help you start up almost any type of business. It tells you the good and bad things about the kind of business you want to start, the costs, how much you can expect to make and a lot of other things. Hope this is helpful.

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Did that for years and loved it! What a happy business!

I agree with everything said here, except for the investment: I started with much less!

I started out with 8-10 approx. beautiful bouquets as samples, a design book that the gal can use to choose her bouquet, colour samples, etc, with accompanying floral chart (for your reference) detailed order form which I made on the computer (there may also be a sample of that in your design book)...mine was the "Inspirations of Love" design book..nice glossy pages, photos, and an accompanying marketing guide (you could probably google the name of the book), and MOST importantly, a reputable supplier of all your flowers, silk or fresh, and your mechanics (bouquet holders, wires, etc).

Print up your own business cards, book your craft shows (I did other floral crafts such as centre-pieces that were suitable to the show: ie: Christmas, Spring, etc) and display your bouquets and have a generous supply of cards available. Have a draw box offering free Groom/Groomsmen boutonnieres with a Bridal bouquet purchase (or whatever), and draw a name. With the other names, give them a call and ask if they'd like to have a floral consultation with you! I only had to do a few shows and bookings before all my weddings were word of mouth.

If you have a quality product and a sincere desire to chat with your brides and offer other suggestions about the wedding when they ask (and they will!), you'll have a very nice business. Be enthusiastic for them....if you love your work it'll show. I've had brides cry when they saw their beautiful bouquets, corsages, cake-toppers, etc collected together and displayed on my buffet. Nearly brought me to tears many times!

Oh! And don't make the mistake of OVER offering. I overheard one gal who was in my business saying to one bride that she'd order this or that flower or ribbon and show it to her for her approval, etc, etc, etc...NO. If you have a sample of the wedding colours, the flowers she wants, the ribbon type (sheer, wired, satin, width etc) that she requests, etc, as well as the shape of the bouquet (this is where the book comes in handy), assure her that she'll have the bouquets of her dreams, as well as all the corsages, etc....and deliver on your promises.

I never made those "cookie-cutter", 'colour-by-number' types of bouquets one sees in all the stores...be original....you'll gain a reputation and a loyal following!

Sorry I was so long-winded here....this still excites me! Wish my hands could work that magic, still.....

Enjoy and Good Luck!

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don't really have any words of advice for you, but Glitter sounds like she knows what she's talking about....so i'd advise you to follow the advice above and good luck with your business. it sounds like it would be alot of fun!

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