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MusictechJanuary 16, 2014

I have a small 50 year old house I purchased for my parents, for when they retire. ItâÂÂs located in a medium income neighborhood. I have about 12 windows to replace. Half are roughly 36x53 Single Hung windows and the other half are 36x36 Sliding Windows. All are original to the house.

I am looking to replace the windows but I know nothing about windows. THV came out and priced the windows at $5500. I havenâÂÂt called anyone else to get a quote yet and looking for some advice on who to call next. $5500 seems a bit much to me compared to the $189 per window places out there but I donâÂÂt want to get junk. A bit of advice would be helpful and appreciated.

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Windows on Washington

Anything in the $189 range is going to be a junk window or a junk install. Both will net you a poor performing window.

What area/climate is the home in?

Existing windows are wood with storms, I suspect?

U-Factor, Air Infiltration, DP, VT, and SHGC are what I measure a window by on the performance end of the equation.

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+1. At $5500 for 12 windows, that is around $450 each. That is actually a very low price for that THV product, and really a baseline (if not lower than baseline) for what you'll find for a good product installed by a reputable, quality-minded company. THV is not my favorite product, but it is a solid, high end offering and is often sold around $1000 per opening installed.

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450 is usually the threshold for quality in my experience. When you start getting lower bids, especially sub 400, you are almost guaranteed to eventually have problems.

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Thanks for the response. The area of the country is West Virginia/Ohio area. The original windows are wood with storm windows, the sliders are metal of some sort.

THV are quoting their vinyl/composite enforced double pane windows. The house is stick built with a red brick facade.

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That is dirt cheap on that window. If you don't believe us, get quotes on some more high end units. I agree with the above pros, although I'd like say $500 per at minimum.

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If I wanted to check a competitor, who would be equivalent.

Also, if I wanted to go a little lower on the price. Who should I look at?

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You are at the baseline price for quality product, quality install, and a reputable company with a showroom, accreditations, etc. Go any lower and you will compromise one of the 3, no ifs, ands, or buts. The best scenario to find an abnormally low price would be to find a young company that is trying to get established, or an old timer with no overhead.

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I agree with karate guy. You may also want to look for a window installer with very rich parents.
Seriously, you are already at a rock bottom price. Why push the envelope.

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