rsvp's are arriving already!

penny_savApril 29, 2004

I just mailed out the invites Sunday night. A few locals got mailed out Monday morning as well.

So far, I had one return for not enough postage, it was going to Canada. And I have 7 confirmed yeses!

I'm just shocked that people are actually dropping them right back in the mail!


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You have some classy and considerate friends- can I go to your wedding instead of the one I'm stuck with?

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wow. i hope i can expect my rsvp's back that soon! we're sending ours out, i think, next month!

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Good for them! It's so exciting seeing those rsvp envelopes come back, isn't it? :)

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I have already gotten a couple back as well!! I think it makes it seem more real!!!

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I read on another board that you'll get quite a few RSVP's back right away - from people who know for sure they are coming and they don't want to misplace the card. Then it may slack down a little bit because some people just wait until the deadline date. Then of course there will be those that don't respond at all! If you need an accurate count for your caterer or if you are making place cards, you'll probably have to call those people who didn't respond. Some people are just not big on ettiquette I guess!

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