OMG! A wedding in the mountanins?!!!?

morrisonsMYmuseApril 20, 2004

okay. this isn't about my wedding or my sister's. our planning is going great, by the way.

i have come to you guys today because i have a situation. my fiance's aunt is getting married this saturday. she plans to have this sweet little ceremony in the mountains beside a waterfall. how lovely. we'll get to the park around ten thirty and hike up to the wedding site. it all sounds wonderful untill you get to the bottom of the invitation....

"*attire-casual business"

the only thing i have that even remotely resembles casual business attire is a beautiful pair of creme slacks and a sleveless, high necked pink top. I CAN'T HIKE IN THAT! what kind of shoes do i wear? i can't wear tennis shoes and i can't hike in my nice heels. it wouldn't be a problem if i thought i could change up there but i've never been there before and i don't know if there is a restroom where i can change clothes. it says on the invitation that you can bring a change of clothes for later in the day. so do i assume that there will be a place to change, or should i just not risk it. i should have asked fiance to ask his aunt about all of this, but i didn't think about it until it was too late and now i won't be able to talk to him until after he has RSVPed. i'm as out-doorsy as the next guy, but, wow. please send words of advice soon!

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Do you always type in all small letters?

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Is there someone else you can call who might have been there before? What are others doing? I may be tempted to assume there is somewhere to change clothes if that was stated on the invitation, so go ahead: hike in hiking clothes, and bring a change with you...If it's a municipal park, could you call city hall for info? I do admit, though...this is cerainly awkward...Good luck!

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yes, newlywed, i pretty much always type in small letters although i'm not sure how that has anything to do with my question about what to do about hiking in the mountains. if it buggs you, i'm sooooooooooo sorry. i'll try to conform my typing habits for the better enjoyment of YOU from now on.....pffft

thank you glitter for the advice, though the wedding is in North Carolina and i have no idea how to get in touch with anyone from up there. i'm not even sure what state park it's going to be at (did i forget to mention that it's a state park?). i don't know the town or anything, my fiance just sprung it on me at the last minute.... "hey sweetie, we're going to my aunt's wedding in the mountains next weekend, okay". wow. so i haven't the foggiest. maybe we should try to hike up there on friday before the wedding and check things out... don't know if that will be possible...
casual business attire in the mountains....i'm still baffled!

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I bet it is just a short, strolling kind of hike. They wouldn't ask people to come and bushwack three miles uphill in the mud without warning them. I think the "business casual" thing was probably a way of letting people know that it's not a super-casual jeans and a t-shirt kind of thing.

I'd wear a dress, skirt or slacks and a pretty shirt, with walking shoes or comfortable sandals. Just don't wear little strappy heels that hurt your feet after 10 minutes, and you'll be fine.

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I agree with Anita. I am sure that what you have selected is fine - you might want to pair it with a lower heeled shoe for the ceremony and change into strappier shoes later. Business casual means that you can wear khakis and flat shoes if you want. You may want to bring a change of clothing for later - I understand your concern. I would just bring a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable walking in for about 10 minutes - and that you won't mind getting dirty and won't cause you to twist your ankle on an uneven surface.

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Time to buy some lace-up flats! Always good to have in a shoe wardrobe.

Or do the NYC thing--hike in sneaks, and change to other shoes later.

But you don't want heels anywhere on the mountain; it probably won't be paved or inside, and your heels will sink into the ground.

(and the small letters thing--it's like typing in all caps. I never get offended by all caps--it doesn't really seem thatmuch like shouting. The biggest problem is that either "all the same kind of letter" style can be hard to read. The periods are pretty small, and it's not always easy to tell where the sentence begins. That *may* have been what motivated her.)

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I also think the outfit you have chosen sounds lovely, but the pants could get dirty on the way up ther. If you're worried about bringing the spare clothes up to change into immediately maybe you could get one of those shout travel packs to remove any dirt that gets on your pants on the hike up. And I would say heels are a big no, do you have some sort of low heeled loafer kind of shoe (what I call loafer might not be an actual loafer). I'm just thinking more of a wedged heel than a pointy heel so it won't sink into the dirt.

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well, i was asking because i don't have the money to go out and buy new clothes and shoes, college student that i am, for the wedding. she suggested hiking up in sneakers and then changing into smooth soled shoes once you're there. the invitation warned that it would be muddy....maybe if i carried a really big purse. or perhapse we could hike up early and i can change in the bushes if there is no other place. sniffle...i'm so confused. all that ranting and raving about having to fly to mass. to meet fiance's mother and she's going to be at this wedding! why-oh-why did aunt theresa have to get married now? i'm to nervous about looking crappy to worry too much about what his mom thinks of me right now, but you know what? i'm not going to freak out again. i'm sure i can handle this. maybe fiance can't get friday off and we won't be able to go at all ;). well, that's not the right attitude is it? okay, back to the deep breathing exercises!

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Do you own a sundress? You could wear that with socks and sneakers then change into sandals after the walk. Same with slacks - just roll them up a little if it is muddy. They will look cute, like capris.

Just carry your change of shoes in a shopping bag or a backpack, which you can set in a corner during the ceremony. You'll probably want to bring a backpack or something with a water bottle, bug repellant and sunscreen, anyway.

I'm guessing they suggested a change of clothes so that later in the day you could play games or explore the park more, in casual clothes like jeans. They wouldn't have told you to wear business casual if they were taking you on a trek.

Don't change your clothes in the bushes. No offense but you sound a bit too high strung to pull something like that off  ;)

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ha ha ha. i guess i do come off as high strung when i'm nervous! usually i'm all laid back and what not...till it comes to meeting important people. you should have seen me at my college interviews...wooo! thanks for the advice changing in the bushes, i'm sure there will be a restroom nearby anyway....logically, why would they have thier wedding and reception at a place where there is no restroom?

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Whats with the snippy comment about the small letters? Someone asks for advice and the best you can come up with is a petty comment on the appearance of the question?? I'm being a little harsh, just felt the need to say something. Didn't your mother teach you, Newlywed, that if you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing at all.

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You could call the park office. Explain to them that you have been invited to the Smith and Jones wedding there on Saturday. You have been told everyone will "hike" to the waterfall for the ceremony. You would like a bit of information about this hike. Do you need hiking boots? sneakers? or would comfortable flat sandals work? What is the trail like? How muddy is it? Are there facilities when you get there? I'm sure the folks at the park office would be happy to describe the setting for you so that you could be propery shod.

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thanks everyone for the advice, fiance showed up today all ready to go (we're leaving in an hour or so) and he came bearing information! yay. he talked to his aunt about my shoes and attire. the pathway WOULD be muddy had they had rain in the past few days, but they haven't, so walking up there in my nice pants shouldn't be a problem...i am going to roll them up though, just in case. and tennis shoes are ideal for walking because the walk up is kind of rocky and i don't want to break my neck. he didn't ask about the facilities though, but since i won't need to change clothes, i'll be okay if there isn't one....till all that wine catches up with me...hahahaha! anyway, just wanted to tell everyone thanks for the advice and i'll let you guys all know about the wedding when we get back on monday! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, EVERYONE! (that was for you, newlywed!).

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Although the question has already been answered, I (like dbornman) felt the need to say something. I didn't see the question as snippy and as something that was "not nice" and shouldn't have been asked. It was just a question.

Just my thoughts.

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the question was no big deal. she was probably just responding to my comment about Power Point. let's not make an issue of it...

now on to the main topic...THE WEDDING WAS BEAUTIFUL. the hike up was fun, steep, but fun. i just wore tennis shoes and carried my nice ones and changed my shoes when i got there. i wore my nice clothes and just rolled my pants legs up like someone suggested. there were no facilities, but it was alright...they weren't really needed to change my shoes. the hike was shorter than i expected so it wasn't any big deal... they got married on a rock in front of a waterfall and the ceremony was beautiful. they had the reception under this rustic-looking pavilion. it was a little windy but everyone had a good time although i'm not exactly sure how the bride managed to keep her dress white...

north carolina was beautiful. for those of you who are looking for a place to honeymoon, i urge you to consider north carolina. fiance and i decided that we're going up there for our honeymoon. although, if you're not the out-doorsy type, you might want to consider a less mountainous spot. but if you love the mountains and spectacular views....we thouroughly enjoyed our trip and the view from our hotel window was absolutely gorgeous!

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