Replacement Windows Installation Issue

hsepehriJanuary 29, 2012

About 6 months ago we had Home Depot install 14 windows in our home, replacing them all. Our installers were nice but we found that they did not insulate the windows properly. They reused our 20+ year old fiber insulation and did not use spray foam. Home Depot has now come back out 4 times since and cannot seem to get the job done correctly. We had to send two sets of contractors home before completion. The foreman stated that the insulation could be completed from outside of the house. He has never come to the house and has only told us this over the phone. Both sets of contractors did not do any work on the outside of the house as the foreman stated. The most recent contractor drilled holes into the frame of the windows and sprayed foam. The foam is now seeping out of these holes around the screws that they put in the window to cover the hole. PLEASE let me know if this is what should be done to add insulation after the window is installed. It looks absolutely HORRIBLE and we don't even know what to say to the foreman anymore. How should the insulation be completed after the windows have already been installed? Any answer or idea would be greatly appreciated. We also have some pictures if this would help. Thanks!!!

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As I told you on the other board. You need to tell Orange that you want all new windows and a new installer. Any installer who uses head expanders on the vertical sides is an idiot who should not be installing windows for anyone.

Call Orange, tell them their solutions are unacceptable and you want the entire job re-done or you are going to contact your States Contractor Licensing Board and file a complaint.

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Hope more folks who were thinking about using big Blue or Orange read this and save themselves the heartache.

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"Hope more folks who were thinking about using big Blue or Orange read this and save themselves the heartache."

The problem is that the installers are 'buying work' from the big box places.

They are often inexperienced and hungry for work.

It can lead to real disasters.

Even what appear to be the same fixtures from a 'name brand' often have subtle changes to meet the desired price point.
Add to that less than knowledgeable installers and things can easily get out of control.

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Agreed on all counts. DO NOT buy windows from an outfit that uses cut-rate installers. That includes the big boxes, and all of the $189 type companies. You are playing with fire.

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Just out of curiosity, what brand and model windows did HD Install for you?

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Looking at his pictures on another site, I think it was the Simonton 6500 series. This is essentially the same window as the Reflections 5500 and the Prism Platinum from Simonton. Both of which can be purchased from a Simonton Dealer for less than Orange and most assuredly with a higher quality installation. Using head expanders on the sides is ridiculous.

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