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gibsonaJune 30, 2009

Just a quick question - I've been looking for cement mixer to use as tumbler for bunch of bottles but can't find 1 close enough to me. So, will an old dryer that no longer heats up work? I see tons of those free on craigslist! Would love to have 1 to play with this long weekend.

Have a good one.


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What a novel idea. Guess you'd have to experiment. Do you not have a Harbor Frieght near enough? When I was contemplating getting a cement mixer, they had one for just under $100.

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And to add to what Slow said, I got one a couple years ago and use it for cement and to tumble my plate shards and anything else I want to tumble, I throw in about a cup of sand with each load and add water to cover, turn it on and let it go to town. I usually tumble each load about an hour and then check it, dump into a plastic basket and rinse with water. Then lay them out to dry. I wore out two rock tumblers before I decided to put my cement mixer to use. I really don't believe a clothes dryer would work as there is no way for it to hold water..and you might get quite a shock if the water and electrical mix.

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What a dork I am!! I forgot about the water!! So glad I asked the experts first! HaHa

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