Window coverings for sunroom

myrtle_59January 23, 2011

We have a sunroom which has windows and french doors covering three walls. For three years they have had no window coverings which is my preference in the daytime. At night however - especially in the winter- , it feels kind of creepy even though we are surrounded by trees.

I have looked at the windows and the woodwork is not sufficiently recessed to accommodate blinds. Besides, there are 10 double hung windows, and two double french doors. That's a lot of blinds.

My thought is to put curtains up on big wooden rods each rod covering a wall. Then hang curtains on rings that can be easily opened and closed with one motion. The problem is, I can't think of a material that would afford privacy when drawn closed but not be so thick as to obscure a lot of window space when pulled back.

Can anyone give me any tips? Thanks.

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