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hlkgJanuary 12, 2014

My GC is recommending Hurd windows. I was also considering Anderson A series or OKNA enviro-star. Any suggestions? I've never heard of Hurd.

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The Okna Enviro star window is clearly head and shoulders above the other 2 offerings based on structural integrity, air infiltration, overall energy efficiency, and in my opinion, looks.

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Of those three choices go with the Okna. I would not use anything Hurd in a dog house and would not use A series either. If I were to use anything Andersen it would be the 400 series and nothing else.

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Not a fair comparison for the other two. The Okna does kind of destroy them on performance.

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Besides price why the strong preference with the 400 series over the A-series?

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Todd, the A series came out after I was out of the Andersen window business but from what I have been told by friends who are still selling Andersen is that the A series is ok, not great ok. They still recommend the 400 series as the best value and performer. Maybe not true any longer but just the info I have been given.

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I don't see how the 400 series would be the better performer. The A-Series has a higher DP rating and it has more weatherstripping. I would imagine it has a better air infiltration rating as well but Andersen typically only indicates a minimum passing number on both windows.U-values are the same on both.
I would agree the 400 is a better value from my own selective price sampling with the 400 Woodwright vs A-Series.

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OK todd I will not argue as I am not in the residential market any longer and have not sold Andersen in a few years now so I will defer to your opinion.

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I agree with the others that the Okna is the better engineered product, however comparing products in different materials is not apples to apples. Its like comparing a car and a motorcycle for transportation. Assess your goals for the project (IE: energy efficiency, appearance, cost, maintenance, etc) and then choose the material (wood, vinyl, or other) that best fits your goals and budget. At that point, I'd compare 2 or 3 product choices.

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