Marvin vs Andersen Vinyl windows

midwestmamaJanuary 27, 2010

We have decided that we will be using vinyl single hung windows in our house. We are located in Iowa. The builder highly recommends Windsor windows but we have decided against them based on reviews of other people that have them and a big issue, we really want a gothic style window and Windsor doesn't sell these.

Andersen is sold by the same place so would be easy for us to order, and they show a gothic window (online) but it appears to be offered in wood, I am not sure if this also comes in vinyl. There are two windows in the house that would be the gothic. As the one faces the back of the house, depending on how much more it costs, I could consider it being a regular rectangular window too.

I have heard such good reviews on here about Marvin I was considering them too. According to their website I don't see Gothic as an option at all, but their site isn't the easiest for me to navigate, so perhaps I am wrong.

Are Marvin and Andersen comparable? Do you know of any vinyl companies that offer a gothic window? If they are pretty equal, it would be worlds easier for us to go with Andersen since they are through the company our builder already works with, gets a discount, uses installers, etc...

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide...

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First off, Andersen for a Gothic top type window would be in the Vinyl Clad wood line and would not be considered a "vinyl window".Andersen does own Silverline which would fall into the term "vinyl window" but i will not get into there lousy reviews. Second Marvin does not nor has ever made a "vinyl window". They make a all wood window, an all wood window with an extruded aluminum cladding and they make there Integrity line which is either all Ultrex(fiberglass) or Ultrex exterior/Wood interior.

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Oh man, neither of the two companies we are interested in make vinyl? That explains my trouble finding it online. We were really interested in going with vinyl windows to increase energy efficiency and decrease costs.

Ugggggg.... now what?

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I am not the energy guru you need here, but from my knowledge you will reduce the cost by going to vinyl but you need not necessarily go to vinyl for increased energy efficiency

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There are plenty of very good vinyl windows out there on the market today.

None of which are made by either manufacturer you have quoted.

Take a look at this board as well as some other discussion boards and you will probably find all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

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