Stepping Stone Blessing

gibsonaJune 13, 2009

My "granddaughter" loves to hop from one of Nana's stepping stones to the next. She seems totally fascinated by them so today we sat down and made one together. Her name is Blessing Faith and while she's actually "just" my next door neighbor, she's taught everyone that knows her a lot about both of her names. Since I guess Flag or Calam isn't going to show up to grout all my projects, I'm gonna have a massive grout party tomorrow using Addiesue's "Slop now; clean later" method! :0) Enjoy!

Our creation:

"His" creation:

Here is a link that might be useful: My mosaics

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My my what a beauty this sweetie is. I bet she was proud of her stepping stone. Gib, a couple of questions please. The mini balls you made, are they styrofoam,baseballs, softballs?? What glue did you use??? I made a few using softballs and GEII and the glass globs are coming off. Thanks


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Thanks Kat. She really is a Blessing! The minis are "hi bounce" balls from WalMart. Find them n toy dept 4 about $1. I use silicone that's equivalent 2 GEII. I get it from work when it's scraped 4 1 reason or another - but not expired. Those are going on their 3rd year outside w/no prob.I'm pretty heavy-handed w/it so moisture can't get between glob and ball.

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Oh You are sooo lucky!!! You GD lives right beside You!!! And you get to grout!!!lol!;-)

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WOW, talk about a lovely child!...and those eyes! WOW! I bet she LOVES that stepping stone too. You are such a kind person! I see that you are going to try my method. Only one thing I have a concern about it....if you are going to use a wire brush to clean after it dries please test the brush on a glass glob before you put the brush to your project. I've only used my wire brush method on actual stained glass and sealed ceramic pieces such as broken plates. Those globs have a irridescent polish on the outside....kind of an after finish.... and I'm thinking the brush may take it off or scratch the daylights out of it. Please let us know after you test it....just hold one in your fingers and the drill brush in the others and try it...if it's going to come off or scratch it will probably be immediate. If it doesn't I might have to get me some of those things! I wish we could see Blessing's face when she sees it all done! Good luck and have lots of fun!


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What beautiful eyes on that special child. It must be so fun to have her to do projects with.

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What a gorgeous little girl, those eyes are mesmerizing!!!!!!!!!! What a fun project. My GD wants to do a project too. I keep telling her we will but I guess I need to just do it. Very cool stepping stone Blessing Faith....What a cool Nana you have!!!! Thanks for sharing

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Good mosaicing job, especially shared w/that beautiful child. Now THAT's what I call a perfect way to bond w/a child. This w/stay w/her for life, and who knows? - maybe she'll become an artist from this time shared.

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Well, we finally finished! This is the 3rd color that I painted our stone. Her mom asked her what it said and she proudly tells her "Nana loves ME, Mom!" :0)
Have a good one!

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Don't you love doing things with the grandkids? Mine are all a bit older, but they never grow tired of working with me.
Great job, and thanks so much for sharing.

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Wish I could help you, but Calamity is the volunteer, I hate grouting. Gotta try Addie's method.

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I love it and she is so cute .Mgd likes to do things with me too!!

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Can't believe I forgot to thank Addiesue for the slap on method of grouting!! So much easier! :o) Thanks for the kind words.

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How beautiful - both - your project and that child. Know you must be so proud of her. Keep up the good work in teaching her art.

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