A few suggestions re wedding photography

scarlett2001April 27, 2009

After our recent disaster that resulted in being taken to court, my photographer husband has asked me to post a few thoughts here to brides. Of course brides already have a million things to do, but it would help a lot to do just a few things that will result in better wedding photos. After all, you will have them the rest of your life.

In everything you choose for clothing, think how it will look in the picture. Last winter we shot a wedding party that had very dark teal velvet dresses. The interior of the church had dark wood paneling and the dresses kind of disappeared, between the darkness of the color and the fact that velvet absorbs light instead of reflecting it. The bridesmaids heads appeared to float above the dark dresses. That did not make a good shot.

Before you decide on white or ivory for your gown, please look at your face with both shades held up close. Don't depend on the salesladies in the bridal salon to tell you; they are looking at you under flourescent lights. And there is no set rule, such as "redheads should wear ivory, not white". Redheads and all other shades of hair go with a variety of complexions. (And a dazzling white gown with less than dazzling white teeth is very noticeable.)

Think of how the shots will look with non bridal-party people in them. If you are in white and have pastel attendents and your MOG shows up in a bright red dress with large flowers on it, she will be the visual focal point of the shot. Plus any type of large floral or other patterns look dated very quickly.

Lastly, please be very careful of the makeup artist you hire. Some makeup that is fine for everyday looks garish under different lights. If the makeup person wants to try for some "Special Effects" be very careful. Even some under eye concealers look fine in person but will reflect light and photograph white, giving a kind of reverse-raccoon effect. Of course the photographer can re-touch, but that costs you more money.

Finally, don't think of the photographer as just a stranger who shows up on that day, takes some shots, then goes. Building a relationship with your photographer will help him know you and what you want, resulting in work that reflects your wishes and tastes.

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As a wedding planner I would also add that the flowers in the bouquets should contrast with the dresses so they show up in the photos. Dark dresses need light colored flowers and lighter dresses need brighter and darker flowers. In the scenario above with the dark velvet dresses in the dark church, dark flowers would have disappeared into the dresses and not been visible. I had a winter bride who chose charcoal gray dresses and bouquets of deep red roses. The flowers were beautiful, but they couldn't be seen by the guests or in the photos.

What happened with the law suit? I sure hope the mother didn't win.

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Thank you for the suggestions.:) The thread just confirmed what I have been thinking since I bought my MOB dress last weekend. I NEED TO FIND ANOTHER DRESS! LOL

PS - There is a great tool on DavidsBridal.com, where you can build your wedding party, put different colors on them, and get a better visual. The only down side to the visual is that there are limited backdrops and bridal party options. No church backdrops, and the number of attendants is limited. My daughter is having 8 bridesmaids and her groom has 9.

Here is a link that might be useful: Visual Wedding Party

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We go to court May 19th.

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