combined maid of honor/best man speech?

becca1225April 15, 2014

so I'm the maid of honor in my sisters wedding this upcoming summer and the best man is her fiances brother who I'm friends with. We're both young, and I was thinking so as to ease the pressure/nervousness of being up there alone and do something fun if it would be a good idea to do a combined toast at the reception? like still have a normal speech but split it up and take turns talking and making jokes here and there. or does anyone have any better ideas for a combined speech? nothing crazy, but something fun and unique would be helpful. Also has anyone ever seen this work at a wedding? thanks ahead of time!!

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I have seen it numerous times. The speech doesn't have to be long and don't force being clever. However, telling stories about your siblings when you were growing up is always fun for others to hear. Have fun with it and enjoy.

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I think it sounds great, and I think people will enjoy it.

I have been to two zillion weddings, so forgive my presumption, but here are a few tips to help:

1) Keep it short. Guests' attention span for this kind of thing is a lot less than you'd think, and remember that yours will not be the only toast or speech. You don't have to include every good thing you think of.

2) Remember your audience. Some stories may seem hilarious to people who were there, but will bore others to tears. Some stories are great for the couple's peers, but embarrassing to hear in a room that includes grandparents, clergy, etc. This is not the best time to make fun of them -- well, maybe a little gentle teasing, but I can tell you that the toasts that have impressed me most are the ones where the siblings talk about how much they adore their siblings and are delighted with their new in-law. Classy.

3) WRITE IT OUT and PRACTICE. It is agony hearing people ramble. You don't have to read it -- it's better if you read as little as possible -- but if you write it out ahead, you will keep it succinct and organized, and you'll be surprised how little you need to rely on the written notes. A card with a list of the stories you want to tell ought to be enough if you've practiced how you want to tell them.

4) Remember the toast at the end. You'd be surprised at how many people forget. That makes a neat ending, too.

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