Just the right pink-colored roses freeze dried ?

ellie45August 14, 2012

I want to put them in the some vases or compotes to try and give a more feminine, shabby chic look to my bedroom.

Where do you get them? Maybe they are paper but they look just right and the craft stores don't have them. Kind of expensive?

I would love to find them on line.



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Etsy has the most beautiful flowers made of air dry clay which can be made in any color. There are also flowers made of paper and fabric which are stunning. Youtube also has dozens of tutorials on how to make flowers out of almost anything. Sometimes once you see how something is made, it becomes clear that it's really pretty easy. The air dry flowers on Etsy are expensive, but amazing!

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Thanks a bunch, leslie if I can call you that. I will look on Etsy. So curious to know what air dry clay is.

I really would like to buy them and not make them. Feeling low on energy and want life and prettiness in the bedroom. I don't want the last thing I see on this earth to be a gloomy room. Even thinking of ordering curtains that I really wanted instead of what I have. And some happier pictures that I can relate to.

If they are expensive, I can air dry cut flowers by hanging them up side down. Just so the pink is varied a bit with lighter pink, like the nice ones are. They last a very long time. However, I am interested in freeze dried too. For wreath decorations that I ordered I used to be able to get freeze dried that were great. I can't find them now. Florists say they don't carry them. Not time and cost effective perhaps.

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Try some websites like save-on-crafts.com, especially the ones that cater to the wedding biz. Not sure what "just the right pinck-color" is, but they have these, for example:

Here is a link that might be useful: save on crafts

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Sorry for the typo.

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That site is a keeper too. So much to see and natural branches and lit ones. I am thinking of doing my Christmas decorating soon. Why not??

Thanks, writersblock. You do better research than I.


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