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duden72January 29, 2012

This site has such a great wealth of information. I thought I try and get some opinions.

We're looking to replace our windows in our 1970's brick ranch, northeast PA. We were looking for a black exterior, so we've been pointed towards Anderson A Series and Eagle. 9 windows (1 casement, 8 DH) with interior grilles, low e glass, product only, no installation. The Eagles came in just under 1k cheaper.

We'll be meeting with 3 contractors to get estimates for installation, but I was wondering what the general consensus is for these windows. We'd like to look at Marvin's, but since we like the black exterior, I believe that would push us into the Ultimates, and most likely past our budget.

After spending hours and hours reading reviews on this site and many more, it would seem Marvin's are head and shoulders above the other windows, but Eagle rate very well too. Just like to know what the experts think

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With whom do Eagle "Eagle rate very well too"?

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I'm not sure how to respond to your question. While reading through previous posters on this window forum, I got the impression that Eagle was a quality higher end window. Certainly not the best, but a decent choice. If that's not the case, you could say that, in your opinion, I am mistaken and it would be a good idea to check out _____ window. That would be a helpful response.

I've read that Eagle had problems with their windows leaking with wind driven rain, but most were older posts. Maybe they've corrected that problem. Maybe not.

I'm trying not be a clueless consumer, so I'm looking for advice to make an educated decision. Any Helpful responses are appreciated.

Thank you

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Personally not a fan of Eagle sold them some years ago and did not like them at all. As far as Andersen I feel the 400 series was and is still their best product line and while a decent window all the reinventing they have done has not made any of their products better from my opinion.

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Windows on Washington

millworkman certainly knows the wood market better than 99% of most of the other folks out there.

As a general rule, I usually defer to his opinion on these matters of wood windows.

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Thanks for the replies. Maybe we will forget the black exterior requirement and open it up to a few more window manufacturers

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FWIW we are going with Eagle metal clad windows for our new build. My GC has been very happy with them in the past.

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Stay away from A series.
I'm going to replace 13 windows in my 60 year old cape.
New sideing also going to be put on so I'm going with new construction windows.
Started last fall with one Anderson A series window just to get a handle on how the project was going to go.
Thank goodness I only ordered one window.
My A series window is a nice looking unit with good features but when I lock it the sashes seperate instead of coming together, 5/32 of on inch on the sides and 3/16 of an inch in the middle. Pictures are available on DIY chatroom, I hope link below works. Go to Windows and Doors then to Anderson 'A' series window. There is no air leakage between the sashes but for the premium price of this window I don't think this is right. So far Anderson's response has been to replace the sash lock. which made absolutely no difference.
My next 12 windows will be Marvins which by the way are $100 less expensive.
Area Anderson Rep. has been useless, DIY posting got responce from Anderson factory rep. that has gone ok but I don't expect problem to be resolved.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY chatroom

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To my pleasant surprise Anderson is going to work with me to resolve my problem. New top sash has been ordered.

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I installed all Eagle double hungs in my parents house about 13 years ago. Installed 2 andersen 400 casements in there about 15 years ago. All windows are holding up just fine, but I would say the Eagles appear to be holding up slightly better. They just put on a large addition where we put another 10k worth of Eagles in it. I very much like their revised design and thicker wood reveals. The new hardware works nice as well, especially on the double hungs. You could probably save some by going with the 400s though.
My grandparents have Andersens in their home that are pushing 40 years old. The wood has signs of condensed water, but it appears just on the surface. Pretty impressive though!

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