No Soliciting sign

emtnestJune 11, 2014

Had to make this sign to make them go away...too many...I like the way it turned out...

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Good job. That should get their attention.

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Haha that is cute! Maybe a sign they'll actually read and obey!

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A polite " please leave" so tastefully done!!!

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Beautiful work AND tactful as a sledgehammer. I love it!

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Love this! They might be ringing to BUY from you now :-)

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I'm LOL at Oldcrafty's "real " meaning --- please leave ! hehehe

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I know huh Toomuchglass! It's like what part of No Solicitors do you not understand?

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I love it! They'll notice it for sure, but the hard core solicitors like Kirby sales people and the traveling magazine scammers are literally taught to ignore "no soliciting" signs on the premise that some people use them because they have no sales resistance and they have nothing to lose even if the person is, indeed, an assertive individual with no problem telling them to get lost. I almost got a sign myself but I get too much pleasure answering the door with my cell phone in "snap photo" position and calling them out on their scam and informing them that I have their photo and am dialing the police (soliciting is illegal here). Of course, none of that applies to Girl Scouts with their oh so evil but oh so delicious cookies and other neighborhood kids.

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Good one EmmJay...I should have put except for girl scouts. Where do you live that it's illegal? Never heard of such a thing.

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I live in a posted HOA area in Florida. We have no soliciting signs posted at every entrance, so the cops respond when we call. Not sure if they get 'em under trespass or some other law, but they get rid of the magazine scammers several times a year. I don't think we've ever had the vacuum cleaner people, but I'm waiting...

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