Help Requested: Looking for Post Lights for Brick Columns

kswl2August 2, 2012

We need more lights for brick columns that are going in on the other side of our house (with fencing and a gate). I am going to use the two from our gate at front because they match the ones already in the front and back of the house (seven). I want to replace the lights on the columns at the gate with something bigger, maybe about 25" tall, black, and in a traditional lantern shape. I've worn my eyes out scrolling through pages and pages of websites and can't seem to find anything just right. I wanted to keep the cost of the two lights in the $800 to $1000 range. It seems that the lights jump from a few hundred dollars to thousands, without much in between--- or maybe that is just where I am looking.

Any ideas or links to stuff you have seen online recently? Any help much appreciated, the brickmasons are laying the columns as I write and it just dawned on me a few days ago that I hadn't any lights to replace the ones at front when we bring those back here.

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Forgot the photo, this is the only one I have, taken when it was completed about 15 months ago. This is inside the gate looking out towards the road--- before landscaping, although we haven't done much except to add about 26 yellow knockout roses (that have not done very well) and TONS of pine straw :)

The lights on these columns match the seven we have in front and back of our house. We need these two to go on another fencing section back there and really need larger lights for the front columns anyway. These in front do not have to match as they are about a half mile from the house.

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Maybe something like this one?

Here is a link that might be useful: bellacor -- possible pier lamp

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Love that light and love the price and the height is perfect. I am looking for a sort of traditional lantern shape--- wider at the top and tapering down with straight sides, iykwim?

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Wrong shape (darn!) but possible good price and size ....

Here is a link that might be useful: bellacor -- wrong shape -- but good size and price

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Bronze? But a touch of black outdoor paint might do it ....

Here is a link that might be useful: lighting universe -- bronze but could be re-painted

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Have you checked out LampsPlus yet? We buy most of our stuff from them, plus there's a local store here.
The one below is 27" H for $419. Once you go above 25" the price jumps on most of them but I think they have several that may work for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lights

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I like Il Fanale, but they are imported from Italy so it's a long wait.

I have had some custom lanterns done from these guys ( see link). I think they were 600-800 each.


Here is a link that might be useful: they can make whatever youd like

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I can't help with the lights but you should have talked to me first before planting the yellow knockouts. lol. The yellows are new, and grow slow as molasses and don't bloom as profusely as the red or pinks.

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You've already checked with Bevolo and Carolina Lanterns?

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Murray Feiss makes some nice looking outdoor lights at a reasonable price. Checkout, the Mission Lodge collection in particular.

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Tea cats, that second light is the right shape. What I am looking for is that shape, a little more exaggerated maybe (larger aspect ratio of top to bottom) and instead of glass on the top part, that would be solid black. Ideally the lights would have a pier base and be raised on "spider" legs. I'm still looking for a photo I can post. Ann's, I have filtered throuh all the big sites like Lamps Plus and Lighting Universe, also individual companies like Savoy, Progress, Murray Feiss, etc. Those mission lights are nice, outside playing, but they're not the traditional lantern type I am trying to find.

Kitchendetective, I had checked Carolina Lanterns and was really surprised not to find exactly what I was seeking. Had not looked at Bevolo until you suggested that one, but they don't have what I am looking for either. I am flummoxed!

Many of the post lamps look oddly ecclesiastical ---to me, anyway :) some of the tops of the lights look like flat squashy black velvet vicars' caps and others are bizarrely like birettas and mitres.

Mtn, those lights are fab! At this point I am still thinking I am going to find perfect ones somewhere for about $300 (or less, as long as I am fantasizing). I really do not want to spend $800 x 2 although I guess if I found something absolutely perfect, I could talk myself into it. need ESP....then you could have warned me about those roses :( We have two at the front of the house that are doing really well, although they look messier than the other varieties of knockouts, but the other 24 .... Meh.

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I know absolutely nothing about this website, but it does have some lanterns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pier based lanterns

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Kitchen, I found that lantern today, too! It is the ONLY one with the right shape and bottom part--- and it does not come in black. I am seriously thinking about purchasing two of those and painting them.

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