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goldenowner76April 26, 2004

I am just so frustrated. My wedding is May 22nd and we just now got our BM dresses back. The reason why is because my cousin that is going to be a bridesmaid wanted around and didn't get her dress ordered in time. So when she finally decide that she would do it, after months they weren't able to get her size in for another 12 weeks. Well, proble, the wedding is as that time in 6 weeks. So I had to call up the store and have all the BM dresses changed because of that. They were nice about it and let me just switch them all out to match one that they could get in for her. So I went ahead an ordered hers while I had them on the phone and had them charge it to my credit card. No only did I have to order it, but I just went this past weekend to pick it up. So I contacted her to let her know that it had come in and if she could meet me half way with it. She lives about 2 hours from me. No she couldn't do that, I would have to mail she doesn't want to get it altered..knowing the dress is going to be too long and she won't even mention paying me..this has been nothing but a headache with her. I could understand if she is short of money, but she is one that doesn't lke to spend her money..her mother usually pays for everything for her eventhough she lives on her own. Is there a tactful way to go about suggesting that she needs to pay for her dress. I mean all the others paid for their dresses and paid within a few days from us getting them.. What should I do?

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Well, for one thing, stop worrying about being "tactful"...Get her momma to lay down the rules, if you can't bring yourself to do it. She has to shape up or ship out. I don't understand why you are catering to her and disrupting the other girls, who have done what they were supposed to do. You are not doing her a favor by indulging her like a child. Sooner or later people have to see the consequences of their actions, if they want to grow up.

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don't worry about being tactful. if she hasen't been responsible for herself, then it's not your responsibility to give her the things that she wants. tell her that she owes you for the dress. period. she is an adult and it's up to her to handle her own financial issues. it's your wedding and you have the right to expect that it will be beautiful, you don't want a bridesmaid tripping over her dress, you don't have to put up with it. tell her that if she doesn't have the dress altered, then she won't be in the wedding. period.

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Just call her and tell her how much the dress cost. Mention that you have put the dress on your card and ask her to send the check within the next day or two. If you don't get the money in a week, call back.

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If there'a a worst-case scenario, can you just return the unworn dress and cancel it on your card? Maybe you should call your credit card company and see? Some cards have a kind of insurance clause built in.

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