Guests: lists, lists, lists! (management)

Carrie BApril 2, 2006

As I write out my list(s) of people to invite, and try to estimate number of guests that will be at the wedding, I realize that I need your organizational help.

There are a bunch of different numbers I think I need:

1. Number of invitations to order (number of households invited).

2. Number of people who will be at the wedding.

a. Adults (& kids of a certain age)

b. Number of children.

Since the wedding will be buffet style, with no assigned seating, it won't be so difficult, but I'll have to get the ages of children (there are many many infants/toddlers/small children among my family who will be invited) and figure out how to list them.

How have you all handled the guest list(s)? Did you do an excel spreadsheet? Several of them?

CarrieB (an organizations mess)

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Creating an Excel spreadsheet works well. You can also include columns for gifts received and note the date that a thank you note was sent. It keeps everything in one place. It will take some time to create, but once done, things will be relatively easy to maintain.

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Congratulations Carrie, I tend to agree with sweet pea. I think it will be benefical for you to do it that way. You could also print out yourself a copy and carry it where ever you go to do "Wedding Planning". That way you can make notations to yourself on it and change whatever on the original spreadsheet.

Best of Luck to you.

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And after the wedding, SAVE THAT LIST. It will need updating over the years, but boy, have I ever used the list from our wedding, almost 24 years ago, over the years. (Of course, it isn't on a computer -- it's in my late dad's printing on REAL spreadsheet paper!) For more recent (=computer age) events, I did lists on the computer, of course (although I just used a Word table; I do think Excel would be better), so they are easy to use, find, and update. You'll be surprised how often they come in handy for one thing or another.

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