Front Door patio

Calamity_JJune 5, 2012

I have wanted to mosaic my front door patio for yrs now and finally decided on a design. I am already modifying the design...going to make a square or rectangle instead of the circle, to lessen the cutting....maybe....also have to redo the window on the door(got hit by a rock from weedwacking)Have even decided on the design of the foyer...all will be slate, like the fireplace. I'm excited!!!

The bigger left side is the 10x10 patio. Everything is just a rough dsign, I tend to wing it from here!!!lol!

The dragonfly will have some flat green stones surrounding it.

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CALAM: That's a HUGE project coming up for you. I LOVE the design - don't understand what you mean on the right by "Mirror Closet". I REALLY like that design too. When are you starting to cut tiles? You must have an array of pretty colored slate. Your fireplace is absolutely wonderful - so professionally done. Looks like you paid big bucks for a contractor to do it. I'm sure the patio w/be just as beautiful.

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LOL! That is my foyer, and the closet has mirrored doors! Ya, the more I think about it, the more I am convinced to outline the dragonfly with a square instead....just to speed up the actual time I will be spending on this particular project...then I will have time for more projects!!!heh heh! I have an idea for a Rhianna statue.....oooooh, it's a gooood one!!!! ;-)

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Oooh, I bet this will be really good!! I can't wait to see the finished project. You are a brave and talented woman!! :)

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