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mslorimApril 19, 2006

Sorry, I cross-posetd on the beauty/fashion forum as well ... these forums are great!

I'm getting married in June and will be wearing a strapless gown. When I was at the bridal salon for my second fitting the seamstress suggested that I consider a boned corset beneath the gown. She showed me a beautiful silk/satin brocade corset with attached garters that I tried on and all I can say is WOW! I'm a 6-8, 38C (I'm still trying to lose some weight/inches before the big day). It certaintly enhanced my natural waist and looked very sexy. My sister-in-law who is my maid of honor really seemed to love the look. My question is just how comfortable would it be to wear for an extended period? I'd really like to wear the same lingerie under my travel clothes (at the end of the reception we'll be taking a quick flight to an intermediate location before our honeymoon) I'm wondering about setting off the security sensors!! I've worn thigh-highs before but never gartered stockings so this would be a first as well. One last do/don't question, I've worn an ankle bracelet and was wondering if I should just remove it for the ceremony since I'm wearing an ankle-strap pump ... any thoughts?



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I personally would not want to have to wear stockings with garters or clips -- those of us old enough to remember life before pantyhose know how uncomfortable they are, especially when sitting down (and on an airplane? Yikes!). A wedding day is a long day; I'd minimize discomfort. If you want the look the corset gives, you can get one without garters, or cut them off. Whether or not you'd be comfortable in the corset only you can say. Perhaps try on more than one style, if you have time to shop.

I'd also remove the ankle bracelet, especially if it doesn't look nice with your wedding clothes and shoes. An ankle bracelet seems a little casual to me, and also consider that it may be a semi-trendy fashion item that could look odd to you in your photos years from now. If it doesn't add anything, and if it's not like you never, ever remove it because it was your husband's first gift to you or your late best friend's last, then in MHO, leave it off that day.

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The garters will probably be uncomfortable as they dig into the backs of your legs when you sit down. You aren't used to wearing a corset and garters (not many are these days!), and even though it sounds fun and gives you a look you like, it could be a very uncomfortable experience.

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I would definitely get rid of the garters. You can wear pantyhose under the corset and be more comfortable. Whether you will want to wear it after the wedding depends on how it feels. My guess is that when the reception is over you will be happy to shed the confining clothing for something more casual. You can always wear the corset in the future when you dress up.

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Well I was out shopping last evening and spent some time looking through many options including simple strapless and a few long line designs. Based upon responses to-date a long line backless design that would allow me to wear pantyhose seems to one direction to take.

The woman who was working last evening also showed me a sleek alternative to the more heavily boned corset that my seamstress had suggested. It was a smooth satin style from Godddess (style 710). Its not only strapless but also a "corset" style with detachable garters. They had a semi-annual foundation sale on so I splurged and picked this up on a whim! I also picked up some stockings as well.

I'm wearing it today at work! My roomate was surprised this morning as I'm wearing one of my nicer spring outfits. Work is business casual and I usually wear pants or skirt sets. She was very surprised when I showed her I was wearing stocking and garters. So far I'm finding it surprisingly comfortable and the garters/clips haven't been a problem. The clips are plastic and don't seem to cut into me at all. Of course the full slip probably helps as well.

BTW on the ankle bracelet, I realized that I had not mentioned in my previous post that the bracelet WAS a special gift from my fiance. I do think I won't wear it as it really would really detract from the ankle strap on my shoes.

I go in for another fitting (my final fitting) at the beginning of May and need to come to a conclusion on what I'll wear under my gown before then.


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Definitely wear it under the gown, nothing shapes as well as a corset style undergarment. But change into something less constricting for your flight when you change to travel clothes. Or at least take an alternate undergarment in your carry-on so that you can change on the plane if you get uncomfortable.

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If you are wearing a long gown, I wouldn't worry about the ankle bracelet -- no one is going to notice your shoes. But then again, those stockings are expensive, so I wouldn't wear an ankle bracelet if it would snag them.

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I wore a corset under my wedding gown, and it was fine for the duration of the day and into the very long evening. However, the one I wore wasn't too tight, didn't "cinch" me in to any unreasonable degree, and wasn't very heavily boned. I opted for thigh-high stockings as I find garter clips somewhat uncomfortable if I'm going to be sitting for any length of time, and I didn't care to try and fight regular pantyhose when I already had a long gown and crinolines to deal with. I kept the same undergarments on when I changed and throughout the drive to the airport and the flight afterwards. A corset is definitely a workable option, so long as you choose carefully.

I don't personally care for an anklet with ankle strap shoes, but no one will notice if your dress is long.

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