Having people make hotel reservations now

juliet2003April 23, 2004

My wedding is September 18th and the hotel is booking up fast. I have a block of rooms but I may run out. I am going to send out postcards next week to let people know they should book their rooms soon. I have blocks at 3 different hotels in the area for different price ranges. I am wondering how I should word it. It is just going to be a simple post card with the prices and phone numbers of the hotels but how should I let people know? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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No worries: just state plainly on the card that you have x number of rooms at the ABC Hotel, at $ a night; x number of rooms at the XYZ Hotel, at $$ a night, etc, and that if anyone is intending to book one you've blocked off, you are suggesting they do so to receive the guaranteed rate. If they choose to book later, those prices may not be available.
Short and sweet....they'll get the drift. Some people just want to book on their own, perhaps like a private get-away weekend.....Once those cards leave your hands, it's all, literally, out of your hands.
Hope that helps!

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A gentle reminder never hurts...send out the postcard with the hotel options and price ranges and remind your guests that they have until so and so date to reserve the room at the mentioned price, after that its out of your hands.
I know that when I had to book a room for a wedding, i called as soon as I could. Hope that helps.


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We are doing this as well since our wedding is going to be New Years Eve. I am simply sending out a "Save the Date" card so that noone makes plans for NYE before they know about the wedding. I might include the hotel information with these cards...

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