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ksucatroseApril 23, 2004

I need help with non-cheesy ideas for a brial shower game, it's been so long since i've given a brial shower! Does anyone have any?

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A fun one is to put together a list of the grooms favorites, or questions. Have him answer the questions in advance, then at the shower, ask the bride to answer the questions. It's always fun seeing if they answered the same. Some example questions would be stuff like his favorite color, favorite place to be, if he could go anywhere in the world where would it be, if he could meet anyone who would it be, which tv celebrity does he think is hot, stuff like that.....

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Of course, if she gets most of them wrong, that could be kind of embarrassing!! :)

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To go a long w/ that game that Steph suggested - have the guests guess how many of the questions she will answer correctly before starting. Whoever comes closest wins a prize. We did a variation of this game at my bridal shower, but my MOH had me put a gumball in my mouth for every question I answered incorrectly. It was very funny for the guests - although a little gross for me (I don't eat much sugar). It was all in good fun and not too cheesy and silly.

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we once did a Jeopardy knock-off. We picked categories (about the bride, about the groom, about their home, about the wedding itself, etc.), and gave them cute names.

Then we made up answer for the guests to guess the questions. We phrased them so that even if you didn't KNOW the question, the answer had clues you could follow. Here's an example: "recently reunited with its sister nation, this European country is the birthplace of the groom." The question: "what is Germany?"

It helped people get to know the bride and groom, even if they didn't answer. We divided the room in two, and anyone could stand up to answer.

We made the game board out of a big piece of posterboard from Staples, and used 4x6 cards for the $ values, and category headers, etc. They fit perfectly, w/ just the right amount of space around them.

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To continue with the question/answer game, here are some questions to ask the 'groom', that the 'bride' is then asked:
What three words would describe what you thought of (bride's name) when you first met her?

What are three of her most charming qualities?

What would you say is your most endearing quality?

What would you say is the one quality that robs you of complete perfection?

What is your favourite food?

White or red wine?

If you could have lived in any century, which would it have been?

Name one person in history you would most like to talk to.

How many children will you and (bride) have?

What colour do you most like to see (bride) wear?

If it was in your power to cure one disease, what would it be?

If you could be any Superhero, who would you be? Why?

If you could choose another career, what would it be?

If (bride) could purchase any gift in the world for you, what would you ask for?

If you could purchase any gift in the world for Lindsay, what would you give her?

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

What animal reminds you of (bride)? Why?

How many of these questions do you think (bride) will answer correctly?

This is a list I've compiled for my DD's shower...I imagine that her Bridesmaids will have "OTHERS" to add...hope it helps! ;-D

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My MOH just threw a shower for me today. I had a fabulous time and we didn't play any games at all! Just ate, talked, ate some more and opened gifts. It was a really nice get together!

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My daughter's bridal shower was just a couple of weeks ago. One game that most people enjoyed was we made up packets of envelopes - fitting one inside the other - had 8 total envelopes per packet (smallest to largest, obviously!). Each table (and we had 10 tables with about 8 people per table) was given a packet. The envelopes had instructions for the guests - i.e.: pass this packet to the person with the biggest earrings - next envelope might say: pass this on to the person who drove the farthest - and so on down to the last envelope which contained a note stating that this person won the centerpiece. We varied the questions for each packet so that each table did not have the same questions.


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My BMs played a game with the garter---filp it and who ever got the longest distance won the garter---cheesey but it was fun. We also each got a clothes pin and if you saw someone crossing their legs--at the knees or ankels--you get to take the pin. The one with the most pins at the end of a certain time won a prize---a sack full of a thousand grand candy bars and the bag said you just won a thousand grand. My 5yr old cousin won and she was in heaven!!! She was the only young girl we had there so she thought she was top dog when she beat all of the adults.

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I just got back from my "shower weekend" (Had 2 showers in 2 days in 2 different cities!) At the first shower we didn't play any games, but the "theme" was "Big Hat Party" so we all had fun wearing big hats and party dresses. At the second party the theme was "Bridal Luau/Margaritaville" and we had a prize table of various gifts fitting the theme (mainly from the $$ store). We played a version of "Bridal BINGO" that my mom came up with:

I made a list of 25 questions that had short (1-2 word) and unique answers about bride/groom/couple/shower theme/TX/CA (we live in CA but are from TX, where the showers were...). Throughout the party the guests answered the questions and wrote the answers on their blank BINGO cards (sheets of paper with a 5x5 square table on them, no BINGO at the top...) in random places - creating their own random BINGO cards. Toward the end, after the gifts, we went through the questions and made sure everybody had the right answers - that was the fun part because we got to tell the stories behind the questions - and then we "called" out the answers in a random order and as people BINGOed they got to pick a prize. We continued until everyone had gotten at least 2 prizes. It was pretty fun, not too cheesy, and was a good time filler.

My mom also had a small "Signature Mat" (like the ones used at wedding as guest books) that she had each guest write advise for me on. It turned out really neat and I love it! :)

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I went to a shower once where the MOH had gotten a bunch of shower gels and bubble baths and put them in gift bags as prizes. She brought a kitchen timer and set it at 5 or 10 minute intervals. When the timer went off, whoever's gift the bride was opening at that time won a prize. It was a neat little thing that no one had to think about...

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