Have you ever heard of this Tradition?

grittymittsApril 15, 2010

Heard someone say it's 'traditional' to have wedding a year and a day after engagement.

Never heard of it...have you???

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Never heard of it. Where did you hear that?

I have heard the advice "Never marry a man until you have summmered and wintered with him" -- i.e., don't marry until you've known each other a full year. Maybe that's what this is about?

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There was a Celtic practice called "handfasting" that lasted a year and a day before the wedding. I bet that's it.

According to this article, handfasting was a type of betrothal in late medieval and early modern Scotland. The author notes that neopagans use the term today for something else, including a commitment for a year and a day. But I think the historical practice is the custom you are thinking of.


Here is a link that might be useful: draft paper on historical handfasting

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never heard of that...
and don't see any reason to wait that long.

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Weddings are steeped in traditions. Everything from the ring to the cake has a tradition behind it. What traditions you follow may depend on your race, culture or even the country you live in. However waiting a year is a new one to me.

Fortunately in this day and age, in North America, we can follow them or not, depending on the bride and groom and their families.

The important thing is that you have the kind of wedding you want not what is traditional

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My mom says not to marry any guy you don't know through all four seasons: football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

I have heard of this tradition, but it isn't necessarily one year and one day, it is just right around one year later. We wanted to be married on our 5 year dating anniversary (destination wedding) but that happened to be Easter weekend when prices were tripled, so 5 years and two weeks to the day worked out perfect for us! It fell on a Thursday, but when you are on a beautiful island, who cares!

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Never heard about that and in this case, I think this tradition more pays attention to the numbers. However, the marriage is not only numbers, so you better know when you must organize your wedding, after year, two years, or after three months.

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Nope - that is not a tradition!

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