Where did everyone find their shoes?

lynbornmanApril 14, 2004

I have finally picked out my dress and made the order. I am having the dress custom made and my designer insists that I have my shoes at the next fitting which is in 3 weeks. So now I have to get busy and find them. I'm a short person so I was thinking heels, but I NEVER wear shoes like that mostly because I am a comfort kind of person. So does anyone have suggestions as to where to go or a brand to look for so that I kind find the absolutely most comfortable shoes out there. My dress is natural white. I was thinking a backless heel. I truly do not care what they cost because I know how I am and if my feet hurt it will ruin my entire day. I was standing in the sample shoes at the fitting yesterday for 1-2 hours and my feet were killing me when I was done. I think my feet are a little wide.

Any suggestions as I don't have too much time??


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LynNichols I know how you feel!!! I have wide feet as well and I hardly EVER wear heels. I am only 5'5" and my fiance is 6'4"!!! So not wearing heels is NOT an option!! In the past when I have had to wear heels, I have always chosen platformy chunky shoes because those are always the most comfortable!! I was thinking of going with the same shoe that my BM are wearing but there is only about a half inch heel on them and I don't think that will work. My mom has suggested that I wear a regular white heel....I know how I am and since I am not comfortable with walking in them I don't know if that's an option either. I need help!!! Should I go with a regular heel or choose a platformy shoe--not disco type--just one that is a little fuller and chunkier than a regularheel??

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I have the exact same vision of my shoe as being chunky/platform type. Maybe its because its all I have ever worn and I do find them more comfortable. However, they are still not comfortable enough for 10 hours of wear. I wonder if those stores that cater to comfort like Rockports etc... make wedding shoes? I doubt it.

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I know that for some people this is going to seem like a really bizarre suggestion, but here goes, anyway...

If you can put aside the idea of heels -- and, springbride, I know that with the difference in your and your DF's height you might not want to do that -- but if comfort is your top priority, and, depending on the dress, since the shoes don't really show, you might consider wearing Keds-type tennis shoes. Decorate them with appliques and beads, and they can be truly lovely and unique.

I know it seems odd, but I *have* seen it done!

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I have the same problem, and I can not walk in heels. People have thought that it is strange, but I cannot walk in heels so my shoes are flats...my shoes are actually the ones that most brides wear for the reception..the ballet type shoes..because i am all about comfort and considering that i can't walk in heels.. I didn't want to fall flat on my face walking down the isle..HA!

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Several brides I've known have worn heels at the wedding and ballet flats at the reception for dancing.

As for those looking for shoes, try Zappos.com. They have an enormous number of shoes, and a good search engine. Also, free returns. Search on bridal shoes, C width. Or if you want to expand your options and don't mind white or ivory leather, search on dress shoes, white (or ivory) and C width. You can even search on heel height.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zappos

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My advice:

NO ONE pays attention to your shoes, not even when your garter is being taken off (if you do that, that is).

Definitely go for comfort.

If you're not used to wearing heels, don't choose your wedding day to experiment (unless you're into walking around the house in your wedding shoes for weeks beforehand to get used to them). Plus if you're having photos taken on grass, do you really want to cope with carrying your dress, making sure it doesn't get dirty and sinking into the grass at the same time?

I bought my shoes at Payless. They were about $20, Mary-Jane style with a wide heel, and were comfortable enough. I also have wide feet and am fortunate enough to get away with wearing Docs and Doc-type shoes day-to-day. The thought of wearing heels sends waves of pain down my spine!

Andrea :o)

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I wore a Cinderella type heel, that was very inexpensive, less than 25 dollars. However, they were very comfortable as I wear heels all the time. Lyn, you might want to recondsider the backless shoes with heels if you do not wear them much, these can be so dangerous. I have actually broken both my feet over the years wearing the mule type heels! LOL You would think I would learn the first time. Still have a closet full of them! :) They just do not have much support for your ankles, and so easy to twist your foot and ankle especially if you are going to be wearing a long gown. PEople really won't be paying attention to your shoes. I also had some white satin ballet slippers at the reception in case I needed to change, however, the night was so magical that I never thought about changing my shoes!

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A platform style will give you more comfort. Beware of slingbacks, because the sling slips off often - especially if you are planning on wearing hosery.

Look on the web and in magazines for shoe styles you like. Also note that wearing two different heel height shoes may cause some problems. If you have high heels first then change into flats, the hem of the dress will be significantly longer when you are wearing the flats - it will make it more difficult to walk and dance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wedding Shoe Store Link

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Oh, I also think that open-toed shoes will give you more comfort - less cramped quarters for your toes. And, make sure that all straps are adjustable and punch extra holes (larger and smaller) for any buckles.

I wore Fenaroli shoes with a very short heel (I am on the tall side). They were very comfortable - closed toe with a slingback (the only thing that I had any issue with - but solved that by removing my hosery after the ceremony). The slingback had a buckle and I had the person who dyed the shoes punch a couple extra holes so I could make the slingback tighter - I ended up using the smaller holes. The soles were leather, which made them feel like slippers.

I spent a lot of money on the shoes, which I was okay with - buy I might recommend not spending so much - I got them because I loved the style and it was difficult to find something without a tall heel - the shoes were filthy after the wedding and some of the silk was damaged from people stepping on my toes and walking around outside (I had a city wedding) - the fabric is delicate. I may try to have them dyed black and see if they can repair the damage. But, I was comfortable all day and night (put them on at 11:30 a.m. and didn't take them off until after midnight), so worth it just for that alone!

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I found my shoes in my closet. LOL
I bought a pair of pumps about 6 years ago to wear with dresses to church. But I never did get a dress to go with them, so there they sat.
Mine are Hush Puppy pumps, extremely comfy on the tootsies. They have about a 2" heel, a classic Mary-Jane style. Or what I call "dance" shoes. The kind that you see dancers wearing. They match my dress exactly, and are my "something old".

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I bought my shoes at JC Penney for about $30. I didn't want to spend a ton of money, since I knew I wouldn't likely wear them again, but I wanted something other than tennis shoes or ballet shoes - something that would look good AND be comfortable. So I found some basic dress shoes - a lower, wide heel in a pretty traditional dress shoe style - that were comfortable for me. They looked nice, felt good on me, and didn't cost much - all priorities for me.

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I've got a bad back and when I got married went to Payless, got some white sneakers & added all sorts of applique's to them. I can't get to my photos right now, but if your interested in seeing what can be done to dress them up I can post them later. It's funny, you stress about shoes when you get married but no one really sees them anyway cause the dress covers them.

You can dress up any plain shoe. I used this great glue called Fabritac (not sure of the spelling). Dries quick & was easy to work with. The thing I loved about this glue- there was no glue gun to burn me.

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Roselvr - I love it. In our wedding the Bride is wearing Doc Marten white sandles. She is a comfort lover, and really wants to dance at her own wedding! The groom is not much taller than her so heels were pretty much out - but I don't think she would have worn them anyway! She's been wearing them to get used to them - and loves them.

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I'm short...5'1" so I wanted heels...I didnt want everyone towering over me. I got these 4" heels with a 1/2" platform on the sole. They definitely made me tall but they were SOOO uncomfortable. I figured they would be though. I mainly wanted them for pics and to walk down the aisle in. During the reception, I ended up taking them off because my feet were killing me. So definitely go for comfort, and if you want the height like I did, get the shoes and bring a different pair you can slip into at the reception.

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When I shopped for my wedding last year, I found my dream shoes at The Shoe Dept. They are those thick-heeled open-toe and open-heel sandal types, but made with ivory satiny material. On sale too, and in several colors.


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Warning: for my sister's wedding, I was making her dress. My bridesmaid's dress was just a wee bit too long. "No problem" I thought, "I'll just wear heels" without thinking that I never wear heels. I ended up stepping on the hem of the dress and falling down the stairs at her reception. I got some ugly bruises, but amazingly, no broken bones.

So first off, if you're wearing heels for the first time, BE VERY CAREFUL, especially on steps! You may want to ask the seamstress to pin up the hem just a little bit more than normal (1/4" to 1/2") to give you less to trip over.

Secondly, there is a happy ending. After swearing off heels forever, I was tempted by some really cute sandals and discovered I can wear them comfortably and without mishap. I think they are called "wedges"--the bottom of the shoe is solid from heel to toe rather than the heel being separate. I know I'm not describing them well, but I've linked to a picture. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I guess the only advice I have, is that when women wear heels, they tend to stand taller, and it also forces your posture to be such that you look thinner... so maybe for pictures that is a thought.

I personally am very comfortable in heels (even for dancing) but they have to fit just right, like I prefer chunkier heels, a bit of a platform under the toe ("shock insulation" between my feet and the floor) and I like open toes. Try on MANY pairs, and yes, walk in them a lot before the big day. I bought a pair a month ago and after wearing them 30 minutes one day, they are O-U-T!

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i found these really pretty silver strappy sandal type shoes at payless that match the beadwork in my gown perfectly. the heels are about one inch, so they won't hurt at all and i'll be able to walk! yay.
but as splinter said, no one pays attention to your shoes so just get whatever you feel is comfortable, it's your day and if you want to wear bright yellow and purple polka dot tennis shoes, you just go right ahead and dare someone to question you! don't ruin your day by wearing shoes that hurt your feet...get something that's comfy...

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My daughter found hers at Nordstroms. They are by Mia and they are a white medium high sandal in white satin with a beautiful strap that swirls over the instep to the ankle. They cost $75. She swears she's changing to flip flops half way thru the reception!
Also a bridal store called Renee Strauss for the Bride (Beverly Hills)had a great selection.

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We are giving all the bridesmaids, bride, groom and groomsmen flip flops to wear at the reception. The wedding is at a hotel on a bluff above the ocean, so it will seem to fit in. Plan to buy flip flops that match the dresses for the BM and B.

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I generally shop for them online.


Here is a link that might be useful: the flip flops site

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i'm headed to easy spirit for mog shoes..found out we (moms) have to light a candle and i sure don't want to fall flat on my face!

if they don't have anything, i'll wear a pair of samdals i bought there several years ago (perfect condition, i never wear them) at dd2's wedding got off easy. was barefooted (sandy beach..)

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While we are on the subject of feet, what about pantyhose? Seems like Hanes dominates the market, but are there other good brands to look for?

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