Plast Pro door? Anyone use them before?

DoggydocJanuary 14, 2013

I am looking for an okay quality french door around the 1000-1500 mark. We spent alot for an iron front entry door and are trying to save some money on the frenchies. I saw a plastpro in that price range but I have just never heard of the brand before and wanted to get ya'lls opinion of them. The alternatives are the Lowes version of Jeldwen and possibly thermatru as well. Also we like the look of emtek hardware but am wondering if there is enough difference in quality from schlage to justify the cost increase. Thanks

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Plast Pro is cheap crap as is Jeldwen. Look into buying the Thermo Tru from a real lumberyard or at the very least a window and door specialty store. As far as Schlage vs Emtek I firmly believe the Schlage is an excellent lock. That being said it depends on the series you purchase A series is excellent, F series not so much as it is there low end line. But just to make myself clear I would not purchase any doors for a home from Lowes, HD or any box type store. Maybe a shed and even then I would be hesitant.

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Great. Thanks for the quick reply. Ya'll have saved me from making a lot of mistakes on this housebuild. Ill check my local lumber store then.

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I recently saw this video youtube. It helped clear up some questions I had regarding different fiberglass doors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Doors Competitor Comparison

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You recently saw that, or you starred in it, lol. What a coincidence... I especially like when he points to the "lock block" except he points to the wrong side of the door. Priceless.

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Purchased a foreclosure home last year and it was built in 2006. It had a ThermaTru door with a large glass insert, which looks nice from outside. During inspection, we found the door jamb was rotten. It was disgusting when we took the whole unit down.

We replaced with PlastPro door and still happy with it so far.

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Well, what a doggone coincidence that you registered today and all of your posts are disparaging Thermatru while promoting Plastpro! AMAZING!

IMO, you would have far more credibility and make the brand look far less foolish and petty if you would just post as a factory rep(or dealer if that's what you are) and answer questions and criticism politely and succinctly.
Just sayin' ;)

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It's my first time to get on this site while I was searching consumer review about fiberglass door. I had to register to post my comment...and it happened to be about doors. It could be about a lock options if we just bought a new lock. Will that make it any difference?

I guess then you must be a TT rep or dealer then.

We also done a lot of research on Masonite and JeldWen doors. JeldWen is definitely the last on our list

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Why were you searching for fiberglass doors when you already replaced your door last year? Hmmmm....
For the record, I do sell Thermatru doors, along with Provia and HomeGuard. I'd put it third on that list, but it is still a very solid product. Any issues that I have had were related to the 3rd party finishing of the door, as TT does not finish their doors in house.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


It is called reverse research. You make a decision and then you do the research and post up about how happy you are.

Very common practice these days given the current environment in the federal government.

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Touche! Lol

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