Wedding Gift For Parents

sachishahApril 22, 2013

I want to give something special to my parents on their wedding anniversary. But i didn't get best ideas regarding what to give?

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Do your parents have a hobby or an activity they enjoy together? If so, choose something related to it. Another option is to choose photos through the years beginning with their wedding photo, if available, and create a special album or photo book for them.

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I think the best gift we ever gave our parents was an album of memories from friends and relatives, for their 40th anniversary. We wrote to as many as we could think of, asking them to write and send a favorite memory of our parents, and perhaps a picture or two, which I would copy and return. Then I put them all in a pretty album.

It's a job, but believe me, not as much as when we did it -- there were no internet or photo scanners then. And it was really fun to do. One of my dad's childhood friends sent me their whole high school yearbook!

It's also a nice way to include out of towners.

My husband did something similar for my 50th birthday, and I loved it as much as my parents did. He included a photo section from our own albums.

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Practical, diligently,it is good~~~

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When your parents reach a wedding anniversary, it's a thing worth celebrating. Taking time to remember the life they have built together is important. The idea - retake the old pictures and make a photo album through their life - is inspiring, indeed.

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I think the best gift for them is to collect their old memories and make a photo album for them. They will definitely like it.

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The photo suggestions are great too.

However, if budget isn't really an issue, I would recommend giving them a chance to have a luxurious and pampering out-of-state vacay- more like a 2nd honeymoon! :)

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If there is enough budget and perhaps siblings to defray DH and his 4 brothers and sisters pitched in and bought their parents a week stay at a favorite resort in Maine (most all lived in CT) for a milestone anniversary.

But what made it really special is all the children stayed for a weekend and turned it into a family reunion. Relatives came and stayed for varying lengths of time. Some stayed at the resort, some in neighboring motels, and some stayed in campers.

If that's not in your budget or not logistically feasible, I'm sure they have more than enough "stuff" so I think the ideas of putting together some sort of photo tribute are fantastic.

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@PhoneLady - Oh, I love that reunion idea! A portrait with the whole family and relatives on the resort (or the venue shachisha has chosen), with the sea as the backdrop would be an awesome gift too.

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Bridejenna - as I get older and have more "stuff" than I know what to do with, time spent with family and friends making memories is the greatest gift of all!

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