Window Leaks

morwilwarinJanuary 1, 2013

Happy New Year everyone! Day one of the new year, first problem with the house :)

Well, it's actually been an on-going on for a long time now. My windows have all been leaking around the bottom sill corners on the drywall, and after months of contractors doing this and that, we finally got the windows sealed. Everything seemed fine until we had a 2 week period where we had bad storms with wind-driven rain. We were back to square one. The water was obviously getting in due to the wind. But where? My friend suggested pouring water on the inner sill part and tape off the weep holes to see if any water was leaking in around the edges of the window. Did that and BINGO! The water was coming in around where the sill and jamb connect. question is, how do I fix this without having to pull the windows out!! We cannot afford to have the windows redone at this time (they are less than 2 years old - installed by the previous owner) and need a quick but not permanent solution. We will be having out siding done next summer and can do the windows at that time. But, that involves a full year and a half of wind and rain, and we can't go through all this again :(

Thank you for your time!


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Windows on Washington Ltd

Sealants will likely be temporary fixes in this case. If the windows is an original construction unit, it could be a mechanically fastened window. If that is the case, you are going to be hard pressed to fix that window and may spend more time and heartache to realize that the only real fix was a complete removal.

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Since the windows are only two years old, I would contact the manufacturer. It doesn't matter that you didn't have them installed. Any reputable manufacturer is going to stand behind their product. You have conducted the classic window leak test and proven that it is the windows.
If the manufacturer is out of business or you simply don't know the manufacturer, then WOW is right. Sealant will have to get you through the next two years before you replace them.

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Hopefully your windows do not have a pocket sill that has clogged weep holes.

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Thank you all for your replies! To comment on a few things you've brought up:

The windows are replacement windows and were installed by the original owner (apparently he thought he was Mr. FIx-It) and therefore we have no knowledge he of the window brand (couldn't find the stickers on any of them).

The weep holes are not blocked! The water is getting under where the jamb and sill meet and somehow leak through. A friend said the perhaps the original owner damaged them with his stellar installation and somehow loosened or cracked the factory seal connecting the jamb and sill.

I know it's probably not advisable, but caulking the jamb to the sill will hopefully temporarily fix the problem for a year or so so we can save up to have all 12 windows (you never know - if one is bad, they could all be bad) replaced.

Ugh....home owning is great sometimes :)

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Sorry that I missed the part about the replacement and being 2 years old.

Sounds like a combination of a bad product and poor installation.

Can you post up some pictures?

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I'd agree with the previous assessments. I'd also take a very close look inside the jambs, on the sides of the sashes etc to try and find an identification sticker. Assuming that the manufacturer is still in business, they should be warrantied. It would be extremely unlikely that there would be not a single identifying mark or tag on the windows, especially after only 2 yrs.

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Sorry Morwilwarin,

It's been my experience that if the manufacturer deems the damage was due to improper installation, you won't have a leg to stand on and you will be at their mercy. It's certainly worth a try, just don't fall in love with the notion that they will be of much help. If the factory rep pities you enough (or he is totally inept and doesn't put 2 & 2 together) you might get lucky. I'm in windowsonwashington's corner on this one - pulling them and repairing/replacing them is the only proper fix.

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