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haildamageJanuary 17, 2014

Hi Everyone-
I'm just wondering what your experiences are when it comes to resale of your home if it has premium wood windows or premium vinyl windows?
We are looking to replace 8 year old premium wood with OKNAs or Sunrise windows. I'm slightly concerned about the appearance change and the 'cheap' looking factor of white vinyl so I'm wondering what the rest of you think on this.
I am leaning towards the OKNAs and avoiding all integrated blinds as that seems to be one more thing to break like on our current wood windows. While Sunrise claims a lifetime warranty on their blinds, they will still need to disassemble the window and it may not be sealed up as well after that.
The quote I have now is for 16 triple pane krypton casement OKNAs and 1 similar patio door. We were leaning towards all white because we're not fans of the other color options. Installed is around $13k...

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Thats an excellent price for the Okna casement, especially with krypton gas.

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If we are talking about a non-historic application, I don't see any devaluation concerns to be honest.

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Me will be very happy. I work in an area with alot of historic homes and customers really appreciate the look of the okna when its installed.

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I agree. Today's homebuyer is more concerned than ever with low maintenance and energy efficiency. Those products (okna and sunrise ) are top of the heap in those areas, especially the okna.

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Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. We're going to go ahead with the OKNAs.

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You will be very happy with that choice. Great product.

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