Wood entry doors?

craig00January 17, 2010

The frame around our current metal door with sidelights is rotting away so it looks like we need a new door. Metal and fiberglass are always recommended, but what about a mahogany door from Glasscraft? We're also thinking about expanding the entry way a bit for French doors and eliminate the sidelights.

We live in southeast PA with high humidity in the summer and low in the winter. My specific concerns about wood are expansion, warping and insulation properties of the wood and glass, as my wife wants 3/4 glass.

TIA for any input

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A mahogany door should never get any water and minimal if any sun if you want it to last. That is why the fiberglass was probably recommended in your case as you must have that issue if the current door is rotting. I am not familiar with Glasscraft but ask them the question about exposure as most manufacturers have a formula. Some of the experts can probably answer more specifically about Glasscraft quality.

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One simple method of determining a proper wood species for wet and well-exposed sunny environments, is to consider which wood species have been used historically for boat construction. Boats experience a constant environment of wetness and rapid drying from sun exposure. Both teak and mahogany wood species are used predominately in wooden boat construction, and for good reason -both hold up well when subjected to this unique environment.

If choosing a "boat" wood for other uses that may be exposed to similar environmental stresses, it is a simple matter of treating or maintaining the wood just as one would maintain the wood on a boat -i.e. use marine grade finishes. This would be the same for wood materials located within shower and tub areas.

A mahogany door that is subjected to a lot of water and abundant sun can last a lifetime when maintained properly.

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A mahogany door doesn't mean it is an all mahogany door. Many manufactures use a fir core. I am not familiar with GlassCraft's construction. I am familiar with Marvin & Signature Door. Both of those can come with a true mahogany core. Signature starts with a 1/4" veneer where Marvin uses 1/16" veneer.

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