Help -- Marvin Integrity vs Milgard Montecito

xrayvisionJanuary 13, 2010

Hi and thanks everyone for all of their help.

We are changing our windows -- new construction method. We live in Sacramento CA area so Summers hot 100-110 and Winters cool in low 40s.

Our GC has quoted us for Milgard Montecito Vinyls from HD price is $4,399.

My friend recommended Marvin Integrity with the Pine interiors -- those came out to $6,834 --- so 55% higher.

We are planning in living in this house until kids leave for college.

So some additional things to consider in cost are that the Marvin's are a little big for our Rough Openings -- by 1/4 - 1/2 inch - so sounds like GC would have to trim some of the openings (is this ok or bad for structural integrity around windows?). And additional for the inner pine trim.

From what it sounds like reading the prior threads, kind of like comparing apples to oranges. Is the additional price worth it for the Marvins? One question is how fast does window technology advance, ie 10 yrs down the road is window technology going to advance so much that I will need/want to change my windows anyways regardless of what I get today. Or should I buy the window today that will last the longest seeing how we plan on being here at least 17 yrs. Just trying to spend wisely in my ever expanding budget during this renovation.


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Windows on Washington Ltd

Very true...apples to oranges.

I think you will see the delta back in resale value with the Marvins and it is a top notch product.

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I agree completely with what windowsonwashington says, and with those high temps i would not want to use vinyl windows if it were my house, just my personal feelings no proven facts just me

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Thanks for advice!!!

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