Window Seals VS Air Infiltration

nitrojcJanuary 22, 2010

Hello People, I have the Double-Pane WALLSIDE WINDOWS ... Installed in 1991. Just 5 years ago, I noticed some fogging/moisture in the Middle Largest Window apx. 5'x 5' of the Three window set. This moisture runs vertical near the outer edges, that butt up against the two outer lights. The outer light pannels do open up for fresh air, and have a sealed edge. I Don't feel any air movement through the seals on a windy day.

I am not quite sure where the problem is. All Help in Solving this Mystery, Will be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks, Nitrojc.

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Is the moisture in between the panes of glass or on one of the outer surfaces?

Between the panes of glass means there is a seal failure.

On one of the outer surfaces likely means that he spacer is transmitting some energy losses and your are getting temperature peaks at the edge of the glass and therefore reaching dew point.

Reduce the indoor humidity and get some air circulation around the window that that should solve the issue.

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Washington, The moisture is in Between the panes. The seal must be leaking, or bad. Wallside windows has a 35 year warranty, so I will call them.
I was wondering, should they replace the Total window assembly, or simply fix the bad seals ? What about the gas between the glass panes ... what is used ? Thanks, Nitrojc.

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IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) section should be replaced.

Re-sealing is not feasible or cost effective in this application.

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HELLO PEOPLE, Just, when I thought everything was figured out, Nature has thrown me a curve. The moisture between the panes has dried up, disappeared. The only thing that has changed is the Weather! From the mid-20's, down to the low teens to high single digits for the past few days. I thought the Greater the Temperature Differential from outside to Inside, The greater the moisture would become. Something like a storm door fogging when the main door is left cracked open.
Please explain this Mystery. Thanks, Nitrojc.

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There is lower relative humidity in the house and now the dew point cannot be reached on the glass surface because of the lower moisture content.

Your glass has still failed and the moisture will return when the weather changes.

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