Gowns - ebay?

Carrie BMarch 29, 2006

I've been thinking that I'll probably end up buying a dress (casual-ish, outdoors) either at a consignment/thrift shop, or perhaps a prettty non-wedding gown for the occasion.

I must say though, that I'm tempted by the ebay selection. I generally never buy clothing without trying it on first, and usually I have to try on quite a few items before I find something that fits & that I like.

But the prices are so cheap, and the dress photos look so pretty that I'm tempted to break my own rules and disobey my very own good practical advice.

It looks like I can get a brand new dress for cheaper than I could buy one at Salvation Army. Could this be true?

Any of you done it?

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We just recently were winning bidders on our daughters' prom gown on ebay. They have ebay "stores" that sell brand new clothing. The gown arrived in perfect condition just as discribed in the auction write up. We got a great price and we had not seen similar gowns here in our area. My daughter is a size 20(hard to fit when it comes to formal wear). The size was true and she is so very happy to have found it by herself! I would not bid on used clothing sold by private sellers. Who knows what condition they are really in. Nor do I want to wear previously owned/used clothing. Stick with the ebay stores that sell new clothing. The one we got our gown from was called Formal Direct. NancyLouise

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If they have a good return policy, you would be safe to give it a try. I have the same experience as you: I usually have to try on a lot before something fits. But if you could return it if you don't like it, that would take the risk out.

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Many of the stores selling wedding gowns on ebay are either going out of business and disposing of their inventory or they are disposing of discontinued styles. Be sure that you find out about the return policy, since a shop that is going out of business will be gone. Also order to fit your largest body measurement. It is easy to alter a dress downwards, but not easy to increase the size.

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I'm opening a bridal jewelry business online and needed a dress for my models. I found one on Ebay that was originally $845 and I got it for around $70!! It was never worn in a wedding. For some reason the person was selling it as "vintage." That may be because it's a discontinued style. But it's definately up to date. It's even the Alfred Angelo brand! I'm very pleased. The only wear is some very very slight dirt under the arm pits. You have to look really hard to see it. It think it was probably a dress that girls tried on in a bridal shop. But it's absolutely beautiful. Just be careful with auctions that are from China or Japan. At least, I've heard that can be risky. There are definately plenty of nice "gently used" dresses on ebay. It's much better than buying a full price gown and no one will ever know! :)

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I think Ebay has some regulations that used clothing has to be cleaned, right? My sister in law got her gown on Ebay and it was wonderful.

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What about trying on some dresses in a wedding botique so you can see which styles, brands, sizes, etc work best and then search for them on Ebay? I love Ebay, but like you I have a hard time finding clothes that fit great and would want to make sure I am certain before buying sight unseen.


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My daughter is getting married in October this year, she found a gown on ebay she loved and we had it made for her, it is a perfect fit and very well made!the dress with shipping only cost $133.00, I found the same dress with the "designer Label" would have cost between 500 and $1499, for the same dress! Big difference! As we have a very tight budget to stick too!.If you use ebay look for someone with good feedback! you should be fine and a good dealer will work with you!

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