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LaurieMarch 26, 2010

Dd is getting married in 3 weeks. She's hired a hair stylist to do our hair (Her's, bridesmaids, & mom's). Thought I should go in with pictures of some ideas I like. I have a round face, no bangs, hair is a couple inches longer than shoulder length, straight, no layers, not very thick.

Wedding will be in the evening and formal. My dress is floor length, silk dupioni, with matching short jacket.

So far, I have a couple pics that may be good. If you have any pics to share of other ideas for hair styles, could you please post them? Thanks!


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Before I can answer.....What color is your hair? What size earrings will you be wearing and what shape are they?

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monablair - The color of my natural hair is a dark strawberry blonde. Since I have been getting some gray, my hair stylist has been using some high and some low lights. Lately, it's been more low lights compared to the high lights.

The earrings are about an inch long and 1/2" wide. They used to be my mother's. Costume jewelry, but sentimental to me and they go well with my shoes and trim around the wrists of my jacket. They were the screw back style and I took them to a store that converted them to pierced.
I won't be wearing a necklace.

Below are pics with the earrings. My dress and jacket are the same color and fabric as the clutch purse. I made everything with a lot of help from a group of very special people on the Garden Web Sewing Forum : )

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Very, very nice. If your hair is long enough, I'd go for the first style, but without too many hanging strands around your face, maybe just one strand at each temple.

The second pic has too much going on around the chignon, IMHO. Makes me think it was falling down and someone was desperate to pin anything there to keep the hair in place.

A simple chignon with some height at the crown is always pretty.

Have you thought about having your hair done in one of these styles ahead of time as a trial run? Might be the thing to do.

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As one who also has fine hair, I would go with the first photo if your hair is long enough. Everything you posted is lovely. You will be beautiful.

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monablair & sweet_pea10 - Thank you!

I do have fine hair. I hope it's long enough for the first photo. I like the suggestion of none or no more than one strand hanging down from each temple.
A trial run is a wise idea.
Thanks to both of you for your replies : )

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I love the first one and prefer no strands. Updos are good for giving the facial features a lift if there are no dangling strands.

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sheilajoyce - Thanks for giving your input. Everyone seems to agree that the first pictured hair style is best.
My guess is that I wouldn't have enough hair for the second one, anyway. It almost looks like that person had a hair extension or hair added in some way because the bun part seems very full.

I wish there was a hair style site where a person could see front, side and back zappos shoe site where you can click on various views of each shoe. Do they have such a site like this for hair styles?

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