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HoosierbredJanuary 30, 2013

We are finalizing our house plans to bid out sometime late spring/early summer. We will be building in SW Indiana area. We plan to use wooden casement windows for the house except for a window we'd like in the large shower in our master bathroom. I'll post a link below to the pic of the window we are using for inspiration.

I just inquired on the website this morning asking if they could give me information on the manufacturer of the window. Of course we don't want wood in the shower, but we also don't want white for the interior. I love the looks of this darker brown. My husband wasn't keen about painting vinyl. We don't care if the window is a fixed window or opens. And, we only want one window since our shower is located along one exterior wall. Does anyone know a window manufacturer we could contact?

Thanks in advance!

Here is the link to the inspiration photo:

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Fiberglass is probably your next best bet as they are commonly available in factory painting interiors and will not be moisture sensitive either.

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There are also many vinyl manufacturers that will offer a full brown unit, although it will be a few shades lighter than that, more of a cocoa or earthtone... If the color is acceptable, I'd almost prefer the vinyl as you will get welded construction as opposed to mechanically fastened that can still allow moisture intrusion if the seals fail.
Fiberglass would still be a good option, and probably the only option if you want that bronze color.

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If you are going brown/cocoa throughout, vinyl will be just as good and cheaper.

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I called the company where will be buying our Andersen 400 series windows. Turns out there is a Silverline by Andersen vinyl window series and they have a transom vinyl window that has the sandstone/beige for interior and exterior color. We are using sandstone for exterior of the wooden casements. Now, it's not the dark brown/cocoa color in the picture, but since we haven't picked out our tile for the shower yet, I'm sure we can match the sandstone color with something we'll like.

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I am not a big fan of that product based on its performance ratings, personal experience, and overall poor reputation. Do a web search of reviews for Silverline and American Craftsman to get more feedback on that topic. In Indiana you have access to a bunch of products that are superior in all measurable areas, including but not limited to : HiMark/Okna, Sunrise, Softlite/Gorell, and Homeguard which is right in Grabil. All of those option offer sandstone, beige, cocoa, or all three.
The 400's are a nice choice as far as wood windows go, but make no mistake, the vinyl lines that Andersen offers are an entirely different animal.

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+1 on HomeSealed's assessment of the SilverLine window.

I don't think you will find many pros that will put that in their top tier.

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I found in years past that the best thing from Silverline was their catalog which I used as a door chock!

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First Oberon and now MWM...the zingers are flying.

I love it!

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Thanks for your advice! I'll check out the other windows HomeSealed suggested.

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