When to arrive?

cocoonerMarch 15, 2009

My DH and I are going to travel to his niece's wedding some 1700 miles from home. I am trying to figure out when to get there. We are invited to the rehearsal dinner the night before. If we want to spend a day or so extra there, should we arrive early or stay later?

I'm thinking that folks will be more relaxed afterwards. Of course the newlyweds would be headed to their honeymoon, but everyone else would be there afterwards. What do folks here think?


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Only you can answer that....depends on how many family members and friends you will want to see....and if some of them are coming from afar.
You need to call those you want to visit and see what's best for them.
Linda C

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I agree with Linda. A family event can be a great time to connect with extended family and friends. I would contact as many as possible ahead of time and find out when they plan to arrive and then plan accordingly. I would also try to arrange for as many as possible to stay at the same hotel, so you can visit even more in the evenings and early in the morning.

The bride's parents will probably be more available after the wedding. If you have time, you might arrive a day or two early to visit with extended family, then stay an extra day to spend time with the bride's parents.

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