Integrity Windows won't fit

xrayvisionJanuary 15, 2010

Thanks for all input on Integrity vs Milgard Montecitos, was excited for them. But ran into a problem - many of the sizes are 1/2 to 1/4 inches too tall or too wide, or both. My GC says that cutting a little off may not pass inspection. Any other options, reframing sounds expensive.

If no other options to make Integrity work, what other windows would you recommend, not a huge fan of vinyl (we live in Sacramento CA, temps 100-110 summer, can get to 40s in winter) We need windows in 2-3 weeks and sounds like Marvin Full line and Milgard Fiberglass are 4-5 wks out.


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From my perspective and I have scene this done quite a bit. Most opening have a dbl stud on each side if the opening, by replacing one pc of the 2x(1 1/2" thick) material on one side and or possibly both sides with what is called 5/4 material(1 1/16-1 1/8 depending) you will gain at least a 1/4" just from one side. And i cannot see how it would effect the structure at all and i have never been told any inspector had a problem with it.

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Talk to the Integrity rep. I think you are going to be okay in that they allow a full inch in width and a half inch in height difference between rough opening and net window size. I would give your contractor the net window sizes that Integrity gives you and let him work with those.

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Thanks Eastbay10, was going to post a follow up confirming what you said.

Now I have another dilemma, will post a separate thread.


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If things are tight you should be using Marvin's "frame dimensions" rather than rough opening dimensions.

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