I'm English and getting married in the USA!

wabbieMarch 15, 2011

Hi! My fiance and I are currently applying for a K1 fiance visa, and to cut the story short once I enter the USA we have 90 days to get married, and because its a visa process we cant even give people a rough date, it could be in 3 months time or it could be 9 we just don't know.

My problem/concern is that it is unrealistic that the vast majority of my friend and family in the UK will make it, they have voiced this to me. Please don't reply saying I don't know this, i do, I'm being realistic we have to be married in 90 days people don't have that kind of money available in the short of a time.

BUT I still want to make everyone feel thought of, we're not expecting money or presents from anyone, we just want everyone to feel that we havn't left them out. My granddad didn't get notice of my cousin's wedding in Malta because she knew he wouldn't be able to make it and it really hurt him.

I've been speaking with my mum and suggested sending out an announcement type thing, and asking people to think of us at that time and to have a drink in our honor and that we'll be thinking of all of them. Can anyone help with a way of wording such a thing? or a better suggestion?

Also do you think it a good idea to send out a card out after the wedding with a photo on it saying along the lines of 'we had a great day, thank you for your thought's and prayers .........??????????'


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My first thought is that you might be able to Skype the ceremony. If your friends and family were to gather together back home, they could be part of it that way. They could even celebrate with wedding cake and what-not, maybe with the most honored back-home guest cutting it on your behalf.

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Out of curiosity, why are you getting married in the US? Traditionally the bride is married from her home. Couldn't you marry in the UK, which would enable you to have a set date, and then those members of your fiance's family who wish to attend will have a date to work towards.

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I love Duckie's idea. Today with the technology we have, your family can be part of the wedding if you hold it in a place with access to a computer and webcam.

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