How to remove/replace broken window glass?

californiaplayaJanuary 30, 2011

Trying to figure out how to replace this broken window glass. This is an original window on a home built in '71. I know, I know, time for new windows. But its not my home and theres no money in the budget for new windows - or even a new window. Not sure if I should just take out the glass, or remove the whole frame. If I just take out the glass, I don't know how I'd get the new glass in. And if I take out the whole frame, I'll probably end up damaging it, and if I do get it out, I don't know how I'd get it back in. It is in a master bath shower stall.

Window from the inside, the side that is not broken slides:

From the outside:

I removed the center piece that the slider latches on to lock it, but that didn't help much. It is held in by two screws:

They can't be seen very well, but removing the center piece did expose two screws on the top and bottom of the frame that the broken piece is in. It looks like these two screws hold that half of the frame together. Even if I would be able to remove those, it doesn't look like I'd just simply be able to slide a new piece of glass in.




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you need to remove the sash, I can't tell from the pictures but there will be a glazing bead to be removed. Either this or call a local glazing co. and they can send someone to your house measure and replace the glass.

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Are you trying to do this yourself? Be careful or you will cut yourself badly.
First, have the replacement glass on hand. Not all obscure glass is the same. Bring these pictures to a local glass company to match. Better yet, if it is the sliding panel which it looks like it is. Put a piece of cardboard in the opening and remove the panel (slide all the way to the open position to get it past the anti-lift screws in the top track) and bring it with you. Call ahead to see if anyone is there to replace for you and simply have them do it.
That would be a lot cheaper than having them come to the house.
Otherwise, take the panel apart by removing the screws. The glass is probably in a gray vinyl boot which you will need to keep. Re-wrap the new glass and put the panel back together and re-install.

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What part is the sash and what is the glazing bead?

Yes I am doing it myself, thus why I am asking - or attempting to anyway. Being careful and have good gloves, thank you! Like I said above, it is a sliding window, but it is the fixed side that is broken. There doesn't appear to be a way to lift it as you suggest to remove it. I've already looked at this.There is a gray boot, but until I get the glass out, thats not coming out either.

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Nevermind, I got it. The 'fixed' side does actually slide, there was just 40 years worth of dirt and crap holding it in and it took a bit of encouragement to get it to move. Had to remove the slider first, then tap on the fixed piece to get it to move. Once it did, it slides and pops out just like the slider.

Thanks for the responses!!!

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