Jeld-Wen vs Milgard???

benjasmineJanuary 8, 2007

Hi, I'm currently building my house in southern California. The salesman at HD recommended Jeld-Wen's Windowmaster series wtih a very good price. But when I talk to my friends in Construction field, they recommend Milgard. They have no experiences with Jeld-Wen. Milgard is much more expensive than Jeld-Wen, so is Milgard better than Jeld-Wen? Besides the quality, I'm also really considering about energy efficiency.

Any advices would be appreciated. Thanks.


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We are in northern CA.

Don't know Jelf-Wen but we do have Milgard vinyl, dbl-pane, no Low-E coating. They are now about 8 years old. A large slider works perfectly. A casement also operates OK but there is some warpage where the crank handle is mounted so it squeaks like mad when we crank. Other than that, they work fine.

Without Low-E coating, the large slider, even when shaded by a large oak tree, transmits heat right into the house when it climbs to 100+ around here in the summer. In the winter, even with HD blinds, there is a noticeable cold draft. The Casement also transmits summer heat and generates a cold draft in winter. The glass feels warm and the frame feels definitely warmer.

Whatever windows you get, I strongly recommend getting at least low-E coating. And if available, ask for the Argon gas to go with the low-E.

I do not know how Milgard insulates its frames after 8 years, this may be worth checking out.

We switch the rest of our windows to dbl-pane with low-E and argon-filled. They are wood interior with aluminum cladding outside. The change in comfort level is incredible. The low-e and argon makes warmer winter and cooler summer, especially cooler summer when it is 110 outside and we are a comfy 72 inside.

If you are really after that extra energy efficiency, the wood may be worth considering. COmparing our new wood dbl-hung under the blazing CA summer sun against the Milgard vinyl shaded by an Oak, the vinyl frame actually feels warmer than the wood. Somehow, the hot air heats the frames enough to pass through into the house. The wood is barely warm to the touch even though the sun is beating down on the aluminum exterior. Then again, Milgard may have fixed this with better insulation.

Good luck in your search!

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calbay03, thank you very much for your infomation!
Last summer's temperature in CA was crazy! That's why I'm really considering about energy efficiency. I probably should just go with Milgard for the extra efficiency. Jeld-Wen seems to be an OK brand, I don't think its windows have any extra efficiency features. I will find out more this week.
Thanks again!

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I am trying to decide between Jeld Wen and Milgard and live in the bay area. Any more input would be greatly appreciated?

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I am shopping for new windows right now. I live in Portland, OR.

One think I have noticed is that Milgard windows have a great U Factor rating, while still transmitting a lot of light into the house. I don't have the exact numbers in from of me, but I believe the Milgards transmit about 15% more light than other brands' windows, while still being extremely efficient and filtering most of the UV. The light transmit rating may be more important to me, as I live in a city which is covered in clouds for 4 months of the year... so I need every bit of light I can get.

I only just started to look into Jeld-Wen windows after a friend who is a property developer recommended them. He said they are very well made and well priced. They also meet Oregon's strict energy trust standards. I noticed a neighbor just had some Jeld-Wen windows installed and I can at least say that they "look" nice.

Have you visited both Jeld-Wen and Milgard's websites to compare their performance ratings?

I know Milgard has an upgrade on their standard Low-E Sun Coat treatment called SunCoatMAX which seems to score well in terms of efficiency. I don't want to seem like I'm pushing Milgard, I just know more about them as I've been researching them for longer.

My feeling is that you will be every happy with either brand - they are both very efficient. I would probably just consider which one will look better on your house - inside and out.

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Jeld-Wen's Windowmaster and Milgard's Style Line are comparable. Milgard's Tuscany and Montecito are not apples to apples with Windowmaster - they are a more substantial product. Better performance and better look. If you plan to keep your home long term, go with Milgard. If you don't go with Windowmaster. Milgard was the #1 rated vinyl window according to Builders Magazine.

I bought Milgard from and got a great price as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1st Windows

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Does anyone know if the Milgard windows/doors are available with the blinds-between-the-glass feature?

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Does anyone know if the Milgard windows/doors are available with the blinds-between-the-glass feature?

I think only Pella does these
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I just purchased Milgard vinyl windows and Jeld-wen vinyl windows at and it went very well. I would highly recommend them.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Milgard is not the same great company it once was. It is now owned by a large umbrella corporation and thier customer service and warranty attention have dissapeared as well.

I have spent nearly a year and a half in warranty and build disputes on a high end window/door package. Thier attitude and attention to this matter has been horrible. The dealers around me that carry the Milgard product are starting to quietly pursuade people as the problems are getting worse.

Windows are a very big part of your home. I regret my decision every single day and Milgard is perfectly fine with that!

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it really matters not which brand.

It's like comparing a Hyundai to a Kia.

Neither is a Honda.

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I have a friend who owns a condo in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The condos had some design/construction problems that resulted in water intrusion and damage. The condos have Milgard windows and even though the windows were not the problem (the problem was the building design and installation) Milgard is stepping up to the plate and replacing all of the windows and there are 100's of them. So, as far as standing by their guarantee; this sounds pretty good.

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Milgards Fife Wa. operations is only 20 miles from our build. Our homes window package was substantial. Thier latest way of dealing with things after a year is to simply not return calls and fall back on thier vendor agreement to make the vendor eat it, who are seeing through this and tired of it. They (Milgard) no longer deal direct with the consumer except for large outside sales jobs. They no longer do residential installation either. They would be dealing with attorneys and bad publicity on the large jobs if they do not put a better foot forward.

Our windows came with very bad anodizing. It was as if the alloy was never prepped. Holes for the casement mechanism mounts were drilled completey through the windows frame and directly through the nailing flange. Nailing flanges were specced and not delivered. Custom glass styles came scratched. When delivered No notice was given (though noted) and they weres simply left on the job site twice. Once they even lost a door in transit! Structure was damaged because of delivery guys not paying attention. Hardware was loose and missing screws on casement windows. They bocked at everything. They have been horrible with the vendor as well and hide behind thier new vendor agreements. They have eluded and hid from this for over a year. Boy how I would love to list some names and p.o. numbers!

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Milgard just released a new product called the Essence line, which is worlds above Jeld-Wen. It is a line of wood windows that is highly energy efficient with a triple glaze option, and U values as low as .22 . They are EnergyStar certified and qualify for the energy efficient windows tax credit. The interior is 100% wood and the exterior is fiberglass to make the windows more durable against the elements. These windows are truly stunning. Check out a video at:

Here is a link that might be useful: Milgard Energy Efficient Wood Windows

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#1-look at their warranties! I've have a windowmaster 8' sliding door with low-e (since 2002) and really liked it until the dual pane glass on the stationary side (non screen side)started to fade and turn colors. When I called Jeld-Wen (Windowmaster) they said that parts are covered by their warranty by labor would be $340.00 (two technicians required by size/weight of glass).
Milgard has a FULL lifetime guarantee! (Parts and Labor)

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The biggest difference right now is that Milgard has a stronger warranty. Jeld-Wen only has a 2 year parts and labor and only parts after that. All Milgard Vinyl Windows have a lifetime warranty. I purchased mine at


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Jeld-Wen and Milgard both make a great quality vinyl replacement window. I agree with Steve - look at the warranty. Milgard offers lifetime coverage for the original home owner for manufacturers defects and glass breakage on their Tuscany and fiberglass series windows. Jeld-Wen does not offer the same level of coverage. Price wise they are very similar so why choose a product that has an inferior warranty?

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